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About this book

David Lemon

Georgie Charlton: My Unbelievable Life as a Footballer

Georgie Charlton, professional footballer, pin-up boy, playboy, mummy’s boy, boozer, loser, winner. This is a football autobiography like no other. It is totally unbelievable. Georgie lives the dream and the nightmare, along with an occasional good night’s sleep. From rags to riches and shags to stitches, it’s all here – the happy squalor of humble beginnings, his rise to become King of Football, the money, the parties, the nights in front of the television, the fights, the dodgy referees, the cell mates, the adulation, the glory, the personal tragedies, the injuries, the girls, the break-ups, the girls, the make-ups, the balls-ups, the goals, the girls, the guilt. Lucky in love, unlucky in lust. Follow his remarkable career from Glentoran to Manchester United, Liverpool, Queen’s Park Rangers, Leeds United and Tottenham Hotspur, his relationship with fellow superstars George Best and Billy Bremner and the highs and lows with some of the managerial giants of the game; Sir Matt Busby, Bill Shankly, ‘arry ‘bleedin’ Andrews, Don Revie, Billy Bingham, Jimmy Armfield, Brian Clough and Keith Burkinshaw. At international level for Northern Ireland he was one of the most creative and influential players of his generation, which culminated in his performances at the World Cup in Spain in 1982, performances still talked about today, even if only by himself. Cynics say that if he was such a superstar how come nobody has ever heard of him? It’s a good question and once you’ve read this book you’ll know the answer.

394 pages.

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