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About this book

Independently published
9781070931838 [ISBN]

Leeds fans on holiday!

Fan published. Author description: "What is it about Leeds United fans that makes us stand out from other tourists abroad? We are a band of brothers (and sisters) and not much different to everyone else – or are we? You don’t have to be a Leeds fan in order to wear socks with sandals and you certainly don’t have to be a Leeds fan in order to be a bigot, a slob or a snob. We are however, predominantly (but by no means all) West Yorkshire folk and we are as straight talking and thinking as an arrow. We don´t suffer fools gladly and we certainly don´t have much time for big heads, posers and people who support other football teams. We see things as they are and speak accordingly, not afraid to take the mickey out of each other and ourselves. You never know, you may recognise yourself; I would be surprised if you don’t. If the cap fits, wear it. It could be me, it could be you, or it could be him or her over there? If you say that you don’t recognise yourself and your thoughts within this book then quite frankly, I don’t believe you. Go on, have a laugh at yourself. We’re all guilty of being petty and stupid in one way or another, especially on holiday!If you haven’t done it then you’ve seen it, and if you haven’t seen it then you’ve thought it. You won’t have to look very far for yourself in this book".

168 pages

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