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Leeds United: Give us Strength

By mid-September 2017 Leeds United sat proudly on top of the Championship and their fans started to believe that finally, after 13 years in the football wilderness the club was heading back to the Premier League. The ownership of the club finally seemed to be in safe hands, a strong management team was in place, the finances were under control, the playing squad was young and exciting and the new Head Coach was calm and respected: what could possibly go wrong? The answer, well, pretty much everything as it happened! As time went on the team began to falter as it became clear some vital attributes of a successful Championship side were missing. Although blessed with talent the squad was neither mentally nor physically strong enough and teams soon worked out that they could bully us into submission. The strain began to tell and a series of mindless sending offs and a long list of injuries handicapped the side even more. The confidence of the team collapsed and like a snowball going downhill the problems grew more pressing with every game. A disastrous home defeat to promotion chasing Cardiff City was enough for the owner to hit the reset button, sack the manager and replace him with someone who appeared more suitable to the cut and thrust of the Championship. But the team’s results didn’t improve and it was clear the squad itself just wasn’t strong enough. ‘Give us Strength’ is the latest chapter describing David Watkins’ travels following one of the most iconic teams in the land as they continue the pursuit of a return to the Premier League. As always he captures the joy, despair and humour of another fascinating and yet ultimately fruitless campaign.

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