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Life's a Pitch: the Passions of the Press Box

Football writers tend not to reveal which team they support. But Mike Calvin, the award-winning journalist and author who hosts the Life’s a Pitch vodcasts, has persuaded our celebrated panellists and bloggers to share their secret passions.
To set the tone, Mike confesses to a cardinal sin. Next up, Rob Smyth and Iain Macintosh profess man love for Roy Keane and Stan Collymore respectively, while John Cross and Martin Lipton sit on opposite sides of the north London divide. Life’s a Pitch editor Dan Willis and Fanzoner Alex Hess assess former Anfield folk heroes, Fernando Torres and Xabi Alonso. Tom Hopkinson tells the tall tale of Derby’s Ted McMinn and Jonathan Wilson pays due homage to Malcolm Crosby, perhaps the only manager to be sacked by the Pools Panel.
Ian Ridley introduces us to Bob and Jean Lucas, and Luke Moore makes us appreciate Portsmouth’s pain. Dave Kidd gives an insight into why Fulham fans don’t take themselves entirely seriously and Dominic Fifield takes us on a Chinese tour with Crystal Palace. Laure James makes a case for twinning Montpellier with Belfast and Rory Smith extolls the Liverpool Way. Janine Self and David Walker reveal the secrets of Leeds United, while Adrian Clarke shares the fears of the young pro whose time at Arsenal is drawing to a close.

Two Leeds United chapters: Sgt Wilko's Barmy Army, and Egg and Chips for Two

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