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About this book


Los locos del Loco: La hinchada de Marcelo Bielsa

Spanish language book about Bielsa. 

"More than 15 years ago he left the Argentine national team. However, its validity is growing with the intense emotions it arouses, both for admiration and for rejection. What's new to tell about a man who for more than twenty years has not given exclusive interviews to any journalist and who only addresses the press at conferences? Why does a coach who does not win titles, in a successful world, have his own fans? Why do some get up early on a weekend to watch the matches of a team from the Second Division of English football? Does bielism exist? The offensive style, the power of oratory or the ethical values? Why do they want Bielsa? He made Chileans love an Argentine, he got Athletic Bilbao to be respected throughout Europe, he caused a revolution as soon as he arrived at Olympique de Marseille and at Leeds United he reached the best campaign of the last decade. He has his own fans no matter which team he leads. This man, whom many call a loser, reaps fans all over the planet. He leaves a mark every place he goes, despite not winning championships."

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