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About this book

0854932364 [ISBN]

My Favourite Year: A Collection of New Football Writing

An anthology of football writing from the author of Fever Pitch and High Fidelity. Roddy Doyle's Dublin-based account of the Republic of Ireland's triumphant journey through Italia '90 is one of the pieces in this anthology of football writing. The spectrum of international, Premier League, Scottish and lower division football is covered - from life on the road with Leeds United in the early 1970s, through boardroom shenanigans at Oxford in the '80s, to the world of a Watford ballboy. Nick Hornby writes on Cambridge's worst season ever, Harry Pearson watches Middlesbrough fail to achieve promotion, D.J. Taylor rejoices at Carrow Road and Giles Smith considers his 1973/4 Chelsea programme collection.

The Leeds United chapter is Psycho Mike and the Phantom Ice Rink by Don Watson. It follows the authors experiences through the 1974/75 season, with accounts from Leeds United games home and away, leading up to Leeds' European Cup final in Paris.        

Excerpt - page 244: "... Luck has always played a part in football, but in the history of Leeds United it has tried to hog the limelight. ..."

Reprinted several times by several different publishers.

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