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About this book

Fourth Estate
0007247117 [ISBN]

Provided You Don't Kiss Me: 20 Years With Brian Clough

Through a series of thematic chapters, Hamilton evokes an insider's view of the Brian Clough's tumultuous reign at Nottingham Forest, the club he covered as a local football journalist through much of Clough's 20 years there. A heady mix of the triumphs, failures, friendships, and factions that defined Clough's era, as well as his later decent into alcoholism, paranoia, and fall outs with those closest to him.

There are many books about Clough, but this one arguably captures him at his best and worst, showing the conflicting sides of his personality that enabled him to achieve so much, but perhaps hindered him in many other ways as well.

Some Leeds United content, but none of it favourable. Clough's hatred of the club, and its figurehead Don Revie, only intensified after his sacking, just 44 days into his managerial role there. His sense of injustice and fear of failure spurred him on to great things, but also caused many rifts personally and professionally that ultimately would be his downfall.

A personal and insightful account of one of football's strongest personalities. If you only ever read one book on Brian Clough, make it Hamilton's.

reviewed by -S. Gibbard (Deebo)

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