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Revie's Unsung Heroes: Away from the Headline Makers, 11 Players Recall the Revie Revolution

You are not seeing things! ANOTHER Saffer Leeds book!

From the publisher: "Don Revie is a name synonymous with the great Leeds United team of the late 1960s and early 1970s.One of British and European football's most feared outfits, Revie brought the First Division crown, FA Cup, League Cup and Fairs Cup to Elland Road where Billy Bremner, Jack Charlton and Norman Hunter were among many household names. But for every 'first teamer' dreams were dashed for a plethora of players where fate, injury, timing, ability or lady luck halted first team opportunities.Peter McConnell, John Hawksby, Ian Lawson, Rod Johnson, Barrie Wright, Nigel Davey, Dennis Hawkins, Sean 'Jimmy' O'Neill, Chris Galvin, Roy Ellam and Glan Letheran were talented footballers who span the Revie era and who tell their footballing tales.Among many anecdotes are first-hand accounts of Revie's historic appointment, his first game as manager, initial victory at a fog-bound Old Trafford, apprentice capers, famous triumphs, infamous defeats, injury nightmares, 'offside' goals, 'reserve' line ups, glory goals, Wembley heartache and practice match shenanigans.McConnell et al trained, travelled and played alongside Bremner and co during a time etched into club folklore. Their stories are enlightening, engaging and representative from a memorable period of footballing time."

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