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About this book

Michael O'Mara
978-1782437703 [ISBN]

Shades of Blue: The Hidden Torment of a Football Star

White made 42 apperances for Leeds United between 1993-1995.

From Publisher: "This is the extraordinary story of David White, a Manchester City legend whose life was torn apart by abuse he suffered at the hands of one of his coaches. David White’s prodigious footballing talent was spotted early and he soon signed coveted schoolboy forms for Manchester City, the team that he’d supported since boyhood. A meteoric rise through the club’s ranks led to his first team debut at the age of 18, and he continued to light up Maine Road’s right wing for another seven years. It was a career that would take him to the dizzy heights of playing for his country. Much of David’s youth and senior football career, however, would become blighted by a lack of confidence and consistency. Only David knew the sinister reasons behind this inconsistency. Only David knew who had shot his confidence to pieces. Only David knew that, aged just 11, he had been sexually abused by his football coach. David’s parents had given this coach their blessing, believing that his attentions would hugely benefit their son’s football progress. They were, however, utterly unaware that this popular, 20-something, highly-regarded coach – who David hero-worshipped – was in fact a prolific and predatory paedophile. Shades of Blue will detail the impact of that abuse, outlining the shocking events that left a young boy bewildered and traumatized. It will also explain why David was unable and unwilling to open up to his family or his club, petrified that the fallout would destroy his father and ruin his fledgling football career. It was not until many years later that David was able to face his demons and begin to rebuild his life. This book is his chance to tell the story of his extraordinary career, his fight to outrun the shadow of that early abuse, and to say what has never before been said."

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