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The Black Flash: The Albert Johanneson Story

While a biography of former Leeds player Albert Johanneson was long-overdue, this failed attempt lets down its subject.  Instead, this is a poorly written series of "interviews" with Johanneson that raises many questions about the sources of the material. The book reports also to have have enjoyed the support of his friends and family, however, there is very little content in the book to suggest that they contributed much, if anything, at all. 

Author Paul Harrison has written numerous "biographies" in this same vein: long-decesaed subjects, bearing all to Harrison alone in interviews claimed to have been conducted more than a decade ago. Despite having exclusive access, these "biographies" contain nothing that could not have been gleaned from newspapers and other published sources, and all seem to suffer from the same lack of unique material that would be evident from genuine interviews with their subjects (See also: Keep Fighting, and Northern & Proud). 

Johanneson's story is one that ended tragically. His story should shouldn't just end there. His story should also remind the footballing world of his talents and bravery in crossing the colour barrier and playing at the highest level in English football (he was the first black player in an FA Cup final). That book is still out there and is still waiting to be written.

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