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About this book

DB Publishing
978-1780916057 [ISBN]

You Are My Sunshine - Following Leeds United Home and Away 1989-1992

Growing up in Leicester, a hub of urban manufacturing in the early 1970s, it was never going to be easy following the team that everybody else hated. It was never easy being a Leeds fan, not then, not now, not ever. The main focus of the book is following Leeds for three seasons 1989 through to 1992. The joy of promotion in Bournemouth, our return back into the top flight and staying there . Then the ultimate prize of winning the league. The ups and the downs of traveling all around the country making new friends , all the different characters that make the day out at football more memorable even after the heaviest of defeats. The sacrifices you make along the way just to go to Portsmouth on a rainy October night. The amount of times you have to leave work early just to get to your lift up to Leeds or wherever the team are playing. Your family knowing you will not be in the best of moods when returning from a defeat and accepting that is who you are and how much your life is affected by football. Your wife knowing she is the 3rd person in the relationship with Leeds.

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