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Bob and 1970-71 Footballers

Thank Bob and Billy Bremner for this nostalgic look back at 1960's and '70s football.

As Bob explains: "It's all based round my childhood friend, "The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Gala Collection" an FKS picture stamp album from the 1970-71 season. It has been expanded to cover all players and managers from the season. I was sat at work feeling that there was a greater purpose to my life, when Billy Bremner appeared to me in angelic form and with a wave of his arm and flutter of his wings uttered, 'Bob from this day forth you shall be known as "Bob of the 1970-71 Footballers" and you shall spend every waking hour obsessively finding out and writing about footballers from that season', and as the awe of his pure heavenly white presence had rendered me speechless, I found I could not utter the question, 'Why ???????'".

Its well worth a look! His old site is still up as well...

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