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Alan Smith

Position Centre forward
Born 28 Oct 1980, Wakefield (England)
Height 175 cm
Weight 74 kg
International Caps England: 14 full, 10 U21, ? Youth

Club From To Apps Goals Sold for
Leeds United 26 Mar 1998 26 May 2004 228 56 £6000000
Manchester United 26 May 2004        

Leeds Career League FA Cup League Cup Europe Other Season Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
1998 - 1999 15(7)7 2(2)2 0  0  0 
1999 - 2000 20(6)4 2(1)1 1  2(6)1 0 
2000 - 2001 26(7)11 1(1)  0(1)  167 0 
2001 - 2002 19(4)4 1  1(1)  4(1)1 0 
2002 - 2003 333 41 0  65 0 
2003 - 2004 359 1  2  0  0 
Total 148(24)38 11(4)4 4(2)  28(7)14 0 

Jabba's Comments

An amazing debut, scoring after 3 minutes on as a sub at Anfield. He's been known as a bit of a hothead in the past and was involved in the incident which saw Gilles Grimandi red-carded at Highbury, but looks an excellent prospect for the future. He could face a tough season: with JFH gone, he had to carry the team's goal-scoring burden alongside the equally inexperienced Michael Bridges.

1999-2000 was a disappointing season for Smith, carrying a niggling injury throughout the year and failing to fulfil the goalscoring potential we saw from the previous year. Having said that, he developed well as a player and - usually - managed to keep his aggression under control (although he did manage to get under the skin of two Roma defenders in the couple of minutes he was on the pitch in the UEFA Cup tie at Elland Road so much that they were both dismissed).

In 2000-01, Smith started to return to his best form. After Michael Bridges lost form and was injured, Smith found himself a regular starter alongside Mark Viduka and linked up well with the Aussie hitman. Smith scored numerous great goals in the Champions League (his delicate chip against Anderlecht will long stick in the mind) and if the idiots at UEFA applied their rules consistently, he would have been in contention for the title of leading scorer in the CL. As it was, he managed 18 goals in a season, which was a pretty decent haul in the circumstances. Now he's going to have to do it again. And again. And...

In 2001-02 Smith looked like being the main partner for Mark Viduka, but injuries kept him out of the side. After he returned he looked like he was doing well, but a carelessly thrown elbow against Alpay got him a red card when Villa's Turkish defender was pulling him all over the place, and when Cardiff's Andy Legg grabbed a handful of his shirt to stop him getting away, it was inevitable that the idiot ref (and the FA) would interpret his attempt to brush the arm off as a vicious elbow to the face and give him yet another suspension. He's made a rod for his own back - but he needs to keep the edge in his game and can only hope that the current crop of grudge-bearing refs grow old and retired before he does.

Although he missed out on a World Cup place, his performances in the European U-21 Championship in the summer further increased his stock, and a decent start to the season brought him into the England side for the friendly against Portugal where he won the man of the match award by a mile and scored a great header. He must have a good chance of getting a regular place in the squad for the Euro 2004 qualifiers over the next season.

In 2002/03 the need to accommodate Harry Kewell up front and El Tel's increasingly bizarre formations saw him forced to play on the right side of midfield - not his best position and one in which he hasn't looked totally comfortable, but as always his commitment has never been less than total. With the departure of Venables, Reid restored Smith to a striking role, and although he once again demonstrated his appalling self-control when he picked up two yellow cards at Southampton, his all-round performances improved and he looks set to be a first choice starter up front in 2003-04.

After another season in which he fought tooth and nail for the cause in every game, Leeds were relegated, and despite his previously stated commitment to the club, Smith came out and said that he wanted a move in order to maintain his challenge for international honours. Needless to say that infuriated a section of the fans - who seemed to ignore the fact that he was just facing the reality that, even if he'd offered to take a pay cut, the club would have been forced into selling him to bring some much-needed cash to the table. Of course, the small matter of his destination didn't help...

Winniebear says: Alan is the biggest shag I have ever seen. Keep up your sexy skills and goals. Jabba says: have you met many large seabirds Winnie?

Rotem says: Alan is the bomb!! He is the best player in Leeds although Leeds is the best team 2!

Dick Overes says: Dear Alan Smith I found you a great young and good foodballer. I had seen you in the match England-Holland. Your spell is good. For me, a person from Holland, you are great. I am a boy with a handicap, and I like to see good players. And Alan, you are a good player. I hope that you send me a mail.

~Sami~ says: With the new hair-do, and the gorgeous tan, Smithy is looker FINER than ever!!! Oh, and he's playing damn brilliantly as well ;)

satannoi says: you the one!

Natalie says: there's only one Alan Smith and he plays 4 the best team in the world.

Veronica Lusth says: Alan Smith I LOVE YOU, you are so beautiful.

Frank says: Alan Smith's just about the greatest footballer I've ever seen, a hothead he may be, he is still the best!!!!! KEEP IT UP, SMITH!!!

Tracey Cracknell says: Smithy is the best. Do any other girls agree that Alan looks sexy in shorts? He has cool skills. Alan also will go a long way with England and Leeds United.

Sanne van de Graaf says: I really like the way Smithy is playing soccer and of course his looks are great as well!! Keep it up Smudger!!!!


Isabel says: I saw you when you was in sweden now in summer. You were in Kungsbacka on "camp". I watched the game where you and Leeds played against an Hallands combination something. Damn you were good. I really like your play style. And I hope you will be back next year. And I had heard you were injured, that's a shame. So I hope you will be back soon. Good Luck in the Premier League!

Sam says: Alan Smith is hot, he looks great and his skills are perfect! Go Alan!

Dale says: Smith is my role model as striker. >:) And the only number I've ever worn was the 17!

elif says: I'm elif. I'm from Turkey in Istanbul. Love smith. He very handsome and very good plays fotball. Love you, love you SMITH.

Becky says: Alan Smith is really fit and he is great at football, I am his number 1 fan!!!!!

Tara McSweeney says: Alan ur very sexy!!!!! I'm not a Leeds fan but I do respect Leeds. I'm a mufc + celtic fan but i like Leeds 2!!!! Love u my friend Loves Ian (Grainne) love Tara Cork, Ireland.

Dick Overes says: Hi Alan, I had seen you on the Dutch TV. You playing the last 30 min., and you play very good. I hope that you can the next match the whole match. I follow you from Holland. I hope that you can go with the Enghlish team to the W.C. in Japan. Alan please, will you send me a mail to your fan out Holland. Do you live with your family, or do you live alone? Alan, have a good time by Leeds, and the English Team. Your fan from Holland, Dick.

"mrs smith" says: Alan Smith is the fittest person in the world!!!!

Rachy says: Watching Al get hold of the ball is always exciting to watch! I've been to watch him play 4 the reserves and can say he's not arrogant or rude just a young lad enjoying himself! I wish ppl wud get off his back! He's also the sexiest man alive, but i'm glad he's got rid of the bleach hair look!

"Alan Smith's Sexy Lover!" says: Alan Smith is going to be even better than Michael Owen, I can tell you! He may be a little hot-headed but it makes him even more interesting to watch!

"JEN LUVS SMITHY" says: Alan Smith is fine!!! He has wicked pace and ability, and people that say he's cocky and arrogant, I don't believe!! He's soooo sweet and good looking and he knows he is!! He also plays for the best team in the world - no doubt about it!

Wooders says: he should be playing up front 4 England...along with Owen. Never mind Cole or Fowler - they're crap compared 2 Smithy!!

Christine says: Chrissie loves Smithy. I met him once with my cousin last year and he looked so fine. He can't help being gorgeous. I just hope he's single soon. You're a great player keep it up.

Annie H says: Alan Smith is bloody sexy. I'd 'ave 'im every night oh yeh! He's a good footballer 2!

Laura Ellis says: I think it would be great to see Alan Smith and Robbie Keane play up front more often together. If you give them the chance they could keep us at the top !!!

"Smithy's best fan of all time" says: Smithy is the best player & the most handsome man I've ever known. I love Leeds & Alan Smith now 'n' forever. I love u so much Smithy, u play so good :)

adinda says: Smithy is the best player in the world and he is VERY beautiful too! I love you, Alan!!!!

Michaela Summers says: I love you so much I was crying all day when I heard that you were put on the transfer list! I think you are so so sexy, you are the best!

Lesley-Anne Hayon says: I really love watching him play and think he is so lush! I feel sorry for him getting all those red cards! But all my friends and I love you to death!

Donna Harrison says: I went to school with Alan and I was his girlfriend for about 1 month. I have to say he has to be one of the sweetest guys but he's a little obsessed with one thing if you know what I mean!!!!!!!!

Hanni B says: Hi, I would just like to say that I totally agree with all of the comments and I am the BIGGEST Smith fan in the world ever. I even got a LUFC shirt with his name and number on it. Keep playing cool Al and remember you're the best LUFC player (Fowler's crap compared 2 u!) Love ya loads, hanni b xxxx

Jo Lovell says: Hi Smithy! I think you r so fit. I am your biggest fan. I have got every that has your sexy body on it from posters 2 t-shirts i really love you. I wrote a letter 2 you ages ago but you haven't replied so could you please reply 4 me as I love you loads. I think you're a great footy player keep it up!!!

Dutch Boy says: Alan Smith is the best player of the world, I come from Holland but I always sit on Saturday or Sunday by the television to see Leeds play. We had here live games from all teams from England. I'm the biggest fan from Leeds from whole Holland and I love Smith. Alan, you're the best player from England. You're better than Beckham and Owen. I hope your will send me a mail. I had a lot of stuff of you. Posters, t-shirts and pictures. I'm coming from Holland I'm your biggest fan. As you know that can I sleep very well. I hope you send me a mail Bye a big!!!!!!!Dutch Leeds/Smith fan

"David Batty" says: He`s just fu***** tremendous!!.

Suzanne says: Alan is great, I met him ages ago and we're still good mates.

Abi Le Cornu says: Hey Alan, you are the most talented player Leeds has to offer, don't worry about being a hothead because it just shows you are passionate.

Evertonian says: Hey Alan Smith is boss. I luv him so much - and he was great on ITV's THE WORLD AT THEIR FEET. It was quite sad though as there were 5 of them and only one made it - at least it was Alan cus he was the most talented and the most good looking !!! Luv the Scouse girl Jennifer xxx

Dutch Girl Jacoba says: I saw Alan Smithyboy playing in the friendly match between England vs Holland. When I saw him I thought: he is a hunk!!! And how longer I follow the games of Leeds and when I see him again then I get very happy. And I think that he is a very good player. Leeds United can be very proud of him! Lots of Love from the Dutch girl: Jacoba.

Tanya says: you are the most talented man I've ever seen! The best football player and the sexiest man in the world! love Tanya x x x

Kate says: I think Alan Smith is a credit to England {future star}, he is an amazing talented fotballer who will soon be amongst one of the greats, he is also good looking.

LilePo says: Dear Alan: u r the best looking footballer in the world. Ur performance against Grasshopper Zurich was fab! Keep up the good work and u'll make it in 2 the England squad!!!

Emma says: Smithy is the best. He's a super footballer and fit too. Super Leeds and super Smith. My friend knows his best friend. Luv ya loads smithy.

Alan Smith (the REAL one) says: Am getting loads of hits on my website thanks to Alan Smith. If he ever needs a car alarm or mobile phone hands free car kit just let me know and I'll organise a discount :-)

Steph says: Alan is a great footballer and really fit!! People slag him off but he don't deserve it!!

Anon says: To say Alan is a fantastic talent and a lovely person wouldn't be a big enough tribute to to Rothwell Ace... I am fortunate enough to know him well, all I will say is thank you for being a good friend and keep smiling mate!

East Stand LUFC Goddess says: Alan, for such a young footballer you have done so well in such a short space of time. You have gone out of your way several times to sign things, have photos etc..not even Goody Two Shoes Owen couldnt rival you for the professionalism off the pitch.

Emma says: Smith is one of the best footballers around. He's got tonnes of skill and being gorgeous helps as well!!:)

Sannetje says: Smithy is a great player if he controls his temper I mean getting sent off or getting a yellow card almost every match that's no good. but I must say he's very very cute!

Grant Fraser says: Alan Smith is a quality player young, skilled and agressive although Scottish, Leeds are my favourite team and Smith my favourite player. I don't care what anyone says people may think Alan Smith is a dirty player that's bull he's young aggressive and up for a scrap it shows he has a real love for the game. I am inspired by Alan Smith he's superb. Oh and by the way if these e-mails do go to you Alan which I doubt they do send one back because I play football for my local side and can totally relate to your so called hot headedness.

Natalie says: you are the most sexiest football player in the universe and I want to marry you, my bedroom is covered in your pictures. You and the other players of Leeds United are the greatest footballers around.

Ashleigh says: Becky you are so wrong!!! I'm the biggest Alan Smith fan there will ever be. He's hot and his football skills are ace what more could you ask for in a guy.

Phil says: if any of the flood lights went out in the stadium we could always use your hair Smithy! GOD IT'S BRIGHT!

Haley W says: Smithy is definately the best Leeds player. He's got skill, style and he's gorgeous, and the other bonus is that he is a LEEDS LAD.

Sophie says: I think Alan's so gorgeous. He's a great player he is so talented. I love watching him at the matches and would love to meet him some day.

Karakade says: Hi my name is karakade. I am Thai. I love Alan smith. I love Leeds too. Please send Email come back to me.

Kayleigh & Charlotte say: we saw him at Leeds/Bradford airport because they were on their way from Wales. p.s Alan we luv u.

Lisa Turner says: Alan Smith, you're the best player in the world, you're the sexiest player in the world. I LOVE YOU!

Carola says: Hey Alan you are a nice thing you know that!!!!!! I'm 14 and I come from Holland!

Haley W says: Alan Smith is definitely a targeted player by the refs, even if doesn't do anything wrong. He shouldn't have got a 5 match ban. He's not a dirty player, he's just absolutely class.

Willzy says: Smithy's bleedin brilliant!!! Smithy you brill, CRACK ON LAD.

Tarzan says: Uga, me tarzan, king of jungle, tarzan say Alan Smith is fantastic, Uga, SMITHY SCORES UG UG UGGGGGGGGGG!!!

Gavin Smith says: all I can say is YORKSHIRE YORKSHIRE, SMITHY is a PROUD LAD, and he makes us in YORKSHIRE PROUD. HE'S MY BROTHER - NEED I SAY MORE.

Rebecca says: I think he's too sexy.

Lu_Jielu says: Alan Smith is one of the best footballer on earth, of course, except for his red cards. Alan, I hope that you can be one of the 11 members in England. BEST WISHES!

"The one and only Mrs Smith" says: i av Mrs Smith on the bk of my shirt and he is GORGEOUS! e dusnt deserve all the stick he gets wen he gets sent off, it just shows he's good at wot he dus and ppl can't handle that!! kp it up!!!

Amy says: Hi - Alan Smith is excellent! - He is so so so good looking!! He lives near me and i go past his house on my way to skool - its really gud i c him a couple of times as well!!! He is an excellent player and shouldn't have been sent off in the Cardiff match!!

Kate "the future Mrs Smith" says: I am not a Leeds fan. But I look up to Smithy and admire him so much. He is such a talented footballer and so gorgeous. SMITHY FOR ENGLAND. C'mon Sven put him in your 1st team he deserves it. I LOVE SMITHY SO MUCH.

Ellie Hunt says: I absolutely love Leeds United, but I am also in love with Smithy! Too bad he's not back til Feb though, BOOOO!!

Hayley says: Alan Smith is the hottest guy ever, I love you Smithy ur the best will u go out with me?? jokn love ya keep up the good work ur a great footy player too lots of love ur number 1 fan.

Lauren Smith says: Alan Smith is a brilliant footballer not to mention he has a well sexy pair of legs and absolutely stunning arse to go with it!!!!!!

Vicki says: I think Alan Smith is the sexiest player out there at the minute - keep up the good work.

Paul says: Smith is the man and the best player in the Prem.

Laura Smith says: I think Alan Smith is so sexy i love is bum... it is also one of the best and talent footballers in england... i am going to marry him one day... i love him and his pecks

Nicola says: Hi Smithy I think that you are well fine although i'm a Charlton fan I love to watch Leeds play. You and Kewell are the 2 finest players at Leeds I LOVE YOU

'Natalie 4 smithy' says: Alan Smith is the greatest person living. He's sexy and has the greatest body ever. PLEASE send me an email back PLEASE.

Kimmie says: Alan is great a very talented player and absolutely the fittest bloke I've ever seen!!

Anne Marie says: Alan Smith is the greatest football player in the world he is my hero and i just want to say I LOVE U!!!

Sarah says: well Smithy I do agree with all the girls above - you are very sexy but most of all you are a great footie player. I saw you over in Switzerland playing (Grasshoppers) - great game, couldn't stop thinking about you back at the hotel, I also met your friend John Bradley on the flight. Say Hello from me will you (Sarah Air stewardess southern bird) L of L Sarah xxxxxxxxx

Zeid says: I believe he really is a good player. I like very much to see him in pictures. I do have some pictures of him which i got on the web, but still I want more pictures of him, so I beg anyone who do have pictures of him to send alan smith's pictures to me on my email address: Thanks to u all in advance. I also really believe he is very very sexy.

Eleanor Dransfield says: Hiya.its Eleanor. Alan Smith is da SEXIEST ever football player! i av a season ticket at elland road and i love seein him play.i once told him dat he ad a nice arse!an he sed thanx! u r absolutly gorgeous and a gr8 footy player. I luv ya. Eleanor:-) xxx

Shablee says: Alan Smith is cool, he is no. 1 in the uk anything, anywhere. If u ever come to the USA, I'll roll open a red carpet!

Jennifer says: Alan Smith is the best he is so fit!! Leeds are the best team and that is why he plays for them. Luv u Alan.

Zowie and Ian say: ALAN SMITH - you should be going to Japan with the ENGLAND team. We are LEEDS.

Verona says: I love you so much. you are hero in my heart. I like Leeds especially you BYE BYE I LOVE YOU

Danni says: Smithy you're a sex bomb and i love ya! glad u liked the shield. love danni xxxx

Charlotte from Yeovil says: Hi, i'd just like to say that Alan Smith is one of the best forwards in the country. He is certainly picked on by referees. I love you Alan. You're gorgeous x

Kat says: Alan smith is da most talented footie playa eva! His skills and speed r da best! O yea and it dus help that he is da finest thing in da world!! Go alan and go LUFC

Ashlee says: Alan Smith is sooo sexy!!!!! He's a star player. Thanx for the signed picture Alan it made my day. Can't wait to see you play for england cos u will.ur no1 fan ashlee from newcastle.

Haz's friend says: my m8 thinks alan's the best she has fotos everyhwere u cant c the floor in 'er room!!!! all u can c is Alans gr8 body!!! god, dus she luv ya!

Rebecca Withington says: Alan Smith is totally Gorg!! And is a brilliant footballer too!!! Good luck for England Smithy!!! Us fans are behind you 101%

Claire says: my m8 jennie aveyard has the biggest hots for Alan Smith please show this she wants the world to know

Denise Carrie says: Hey Alan I am coming all the way from Scotland to see U play soon! If I didn't think that Leeds were the best team ever I would suggest that you sign to Rangers so I could cum and see you nearly every week!! I LOVE U BABY XX

Mr Clinton says: Alan - we might have a job for you when you retire here at Clintons Cards as a buyer. It might make a change collecting blue cards instead of red ones.

Laura Betteridge says: Hi my name is Laura. I am a fan of Alan and think he is an amazing person. I once met him in a jeans store in Leeds and could not stop shakeing so he said to me please stop shakin but i just couldn't. I really like Alan and would love to meet him again in person thank you for your time reading this love Laura XXXXXXXX.

Becky says: Alan Smith is soooooooooooooooooooo fit its unreal!!!

Fiona says: I think Alan is the SEXIEST hunk in the entire universe. I haven't met him (YET!) but when my dad got me his autograph i started cryin' i was sooooooooo happy! I love him he rocks my world!

Emz says: Alan Smith is the best footy player and is really good looking 2. Leeds United rule. Alan Smith rules.

Katie says: Alan u r soooo sexy. U r an excellent footballer, n play 4 the best team LEEDS! n u r a YORKSHIRE LAD! I Love u!

Hayley says: alan I LOVE YOU so much you are the best football playa and sooooo sexc when i move over to leeds which i am soon we have to meet each other LEEDS UNITED ROCK THE WORLD for all u manchester lovers out there manchester united suck ass LEEDS KICK ALL YA ARSES love ur number 1 fan hayley xxx australia write back 2 me please

NIC says: alan smith is da best player leeds has eva had. he is soooo sexy too. i live in garforth which is near wakefield, and i am proud to support da best footie team in England, LEEDS!!!

Lilly says: I love Alan sooooo much he is the best player and no matter how many people put him down he is the best. LOVE YOU ALAN. Love lilly

lala says: Alan Smith is absolutely 100% fit. love lala.

Ellie says: Oh my god! What can I say about the GEORGEOUS Alan Smith? I am his biggest fan ever.....I live in Bradford so Smithy,if youre nearby,give us a call!!!!!

Natalie says: i think alan is fit

"Smithy's num 1 girl" says: Alan is the sexiest lad alive and is even sexier, when I see Smithy @ the games. I would luv 2 b your girlfriend Alan.

Rachael Trickett says: i think he is well fit but not as fit as pea!

Rocky says: Hey!! Smithy you are a great footy player and I love you so much. And also you play for the best team ever LEEDS!!!!Also u r sooooo sexy which is an extra bonus. Im hoping 2 come and watch you play sometime. Best of Wishes and Good Luck in the Premiership. I know u will be picked to play 4 England!!!!!Good Luck again. Luv u loadz 4 eva. Rockyxxxxxxxxxx Please send me an E-mail. :)

Cassie says: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr words can not describe how absolutly georgeous he is luv cassie luv u smithy

"~His gf and his wife~" says: Donna Harrison....if u were smith's gf..u would not show off..alan doesn,t know like a proud girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke Chadwick (leeds no.1 fan) says: smithy is the best in the world he's a cool player he's hard and aggresive so he should be in the england squad....

Carrie says: alan smith is the sexiest man alive!

Rocky says: Hey Smithy!!!! You are absolutely gorgeous. Where do u get ur great looks from. Keep goin Smithy. Ur a star and u make Leeds football team proud. Luv u loadz Rockyxxxx p.s please send me an email.

Alice says: I'm from the West Mids, but thanx 2 Alan I now support the worlds best team (Leeds obv!) I saw his cute smile and cute ass and I was instantly addicted. U R the best Alan and I luv ya!

Sophie Gates says: My friend Ashlee is Alan's biggest fan she is totally devoted to him. She thinks he is lush and an amazing footballer. All you girls think your his biggest fan, well keep on dreaming because Ashlee is.

"Smithys future girlfriend and no 1 fan" says: Alan Smith is soo lush! He's such a good footballer 2. Don't worry about England, Sven obvisouly doesnt know what hes doing.cos he should of picked you.

Jessica Whelan says: One of my best friends Naomi her dad used to teach him.

e. says: I don't think he's the best player in the world, but he is hot!!!!!

Sophie Riley says: Alan is the sexiest footballer around with his bleached hair and his tanned body, I'd s*** him anyday! Lv frm his future wife

Holly says: He is so wicked and does not receive enough praise. He should be taken to Korea 4 the World Cup!Plus he is well fit and his temper is more passion than anything else!

emma says: i think he is the best player at elland road and he is SOOOOOOO fit! i think i must be the biggest fan of him and leeds! LUFC 4 EVA XXXXXX

faith says: i love smithy, hes sooo sexy. hes 1 of the best players that leeds as had.and hes got really fit legs!

fran says: hes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lush

caz says: alan smith is the most gorgeous person on earth and he is sexy and fit. please tell alan "i love you loads and loads and loads"

Jordan Jones Wales says: Alan Smith is the best player of all time.And if SVEN does not pick him, he is a fool

Gillian Grant says: Alan I just would like to say I think you are fit as F**K and you are a good player

Gregory Vester says: I like Alan Smith beacause Alan Smith have good skill.

Mrs Smith (a.k.a Claire) says: I think he has a temper but that could come in handy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(ya no what I mean)

zoe holland chapman says: i think you are absolutly gorge luv from your biggest fan zoe

gift says: I love you smith.

Ceyda says: Alan I love you.My from Turkey in zmir.I'm your biggest fan on the WORLD!!

Louise Gaskin says: you are all wrong i am his biggest fan i know everything there is to know about him and i love him more than posh loves becks and more than ant loves dec and more than the desert lovesthe rain

Sarah and Jamie says: Alan Smith is so sexy!!!!We think you are the best looking man in the world i we your number 1 fans!

Kirstie says: hey, alan dunt run this site u know!! i know his best mate! and u can all keep ur hands off cuz hes mine so i wouldnt waste ur time!! cant wait to see him again! luv kirstie xxxx ps alan is da greatest footballer eva and the fittest man in da universe! sorry to diassappoint u all but hes got a GF xxxxx

Sazo says: UR THE FINEST BLOKE I EVER SEEN BABE!!!!KEEP UP DA GOOOD WORK SEXY, EMAIL ME N WE CAN HOOK UP!!!!!!. you dont know how muxh i luv u , Ill be ur girl ne day!

YeSha says: Hi Alan :) I saw you back in '99 and i "know" you're the "B-E-S-T" !!i love ya' loads! You R the "Coolest" and you ROCK! Your's 4ever...Take Care, Luv and's ME :* (by the way, i'm from Nepal ;) and your #1 FAN

Rachel says: hi,as anyone seen the pics of alan and laura frain(his jammy girlfriend), they make a great couple. Good luck 4 the future!!!!!!!!!

stacey says: alan is fit az f*** and nobody even comes close! it would make my world if he could possibly e-mail me i would die of happyness. i LOVE him 2 bits ask any1 who knows me. also the bad boy image VERY SEXY keep it up!p.s. will u marry me(only joking u have probably got some rally pretty, stick modle type g/f if ur every passing my way im up 4 anything wiv u?

STACEY N AMY: not only a great player, but he is ssssoooooooooooooo gorge. 2 boro fans


Coral Osborn-Smith says: Alan Smith is a fabulous player and should definately be in the World Cup in 4 years time. I am his biggest fan and feel he is one of the best young talents. Not only is he a great striker, he is absolutely gorgeous + sexy!!!!!!!!! I love him sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and all my friends think I'm mad! I am a massive Leeds Fan and try to go up to Elland Road as much as I can. I LOVE YOU SMUDGER!!!!!

Tammie says: I saw u play against fulham, but the t**ts beat us. these silly girls should stop supportin ur looks and start supporting ur mega soccer skills. I gotta admit though, U R SPANKING GEORGEOUS!!! LOADS OF LOV'N n KISS'N...Tammie :o)

Laura Hall says: i saw sexy smithy at a hospital in leeds when he was visiting and wow he looks even fitter up close alan you are the sexiest person EVER

Kerri says: I think Alan Smith Is the most talented and sexy football player at leeds at the moment.i'm his biggest fan ever so much so i named by gold fish after him.

steph j says: i met alan smith, mark viduka and michael duberry in melbourne yesterday. man is alan beautiful in the flesh. mmmmmm!!! love you.

jEaNniEeE says: ALANNNNN I LOVE YOU, MWAHHHHHH! i cum from australia n i saw u when u came n played in melbourne! i walked past u wen u were on the bus outside ur rooms! i sooooo wish i could of met, you are like this god and it would of been the best. i think im going to juts move ova to england now so i can c u alll the time. I LOVE YOU.

zoe and aileen says: we think smudger is so fit and sexy it's unreal. were the biggest leeds fans ever we go to all the matches in the season. leeds rock!

sam xxx says: comment: alan smith, u r an amazing footballer with unique talents. i hope u stay fit for this season + score loads goals(just not against newcastle), do good + i'll c u at the games + out round leeds, i hope. stay fit, stay sexy, stay in form. + i'v gotta bike you can ride in secret coz i know u luv 'em but r not allowed 'em (it'll b our little secret) XXX

chris says: tell smithy not to let keano go ......please

Abi says: Anyone else claiming to be Smith's biggest fan is a big fat bull s*****r, Cos theres only 1 biggest fan, ME! Anyway he is definatly the best player Ive ever seen. I enjoyed being at every game at Elland rd last season, especially the ones Alan was playing (cos he is just sooo hot n sexy). Smithy no matter what anyone says, you are great and Im sure you'll be playing upfront for england pretty damn soon. Abz x

alansmithissofine says: alan smith is so g*d d**n fit, how can any 1 get so fine. he is so sexy i have his mobile number!! ha. alan smith is so sexy sexy sexy fit fit fit

Alans B**** 4 eva says: If any other girl even thinks of alan i will personally kill u hes my sexbomb n i have loved him for 5 whole years n i always will

Pipo_ho says: Smithy is the best striker we have, and he still doesnt get many caps. Get him up front, he has shown that he can do the business. I love his style of footie, lots of passion behind it.

Kirst aka mousey says: Alan Smith is a wicked player and all those commetators who who blantently dis this fantastically talent player are not owrth listening to. i went to leeds recently and was stuck in a traffic jam but i did have a smile from ear to ear as we were stuck behind a double decker bus with a hugh pic of the smudger on the back! made my day! keep it up Al!

emma says: Alan Smith is skillful, gorgeous, talented, athletic, well he plays for leeds united, what else can I say!! I love the guy!! luv ema xxxxxx

alan smith's no 1 fan says: alan smith is damn fine. i try and watch his every game. love u alan and keep on playin!

Donna Smithys NUmber1fan lufc ROK!!! says: 1st of all HE IS MINE!!! U r a pleasure 2 have at leeds smithy babes ure gorgeous and ure a gr8 footballer!Neale barry is RONG!!I absolutley luv u ihave posters the shirt my pets named after ya n i luv u so so so much!!! WILL U MARRY ME? but u r also a brilliant footballer we need more playas like you!!keep up the gud work gorgeous and ill cya soon!!!!!!o yea AND LEEDS UNITED 4 eva!!!!!marchin on 2gether WE H8 RIO!!!!!!



amir says: i love alan.

Caz says: alan smith u r so g@d damn sexy! ur da fittest lad ive eva cn n u played brill against Portugal on sat! luv ya loads

Donna LEEDS FAN 17 smith says: Luvin ya loads al hun!!! Weldun on saturday as a leeds fan i can say im truly proud of u!!!U deserve 2 b englands number 9 uve worked hard 4 a long time keep at it!!!My whole family are proud 2 say u R the best leeds playa and we are so so so proud of you!!Yea ure fit n gorgeous but ure our best playa and u deserve everything ure brilliant loyle unlike rio and brave unlike fowler hes got nowt on u!!! NEVA LEAVE WE LUV YA 2 Much!! LUV YA

Kate says: alan, me and my mum have always said you should be playing for England rather than the under-21's and yesterday you proved us both right by scoring that goal and having an amazing game. Dont let us down. Love Kate p.s. your absolutley gorgous.

Fran says: I saw Alan play at Villa Park last sat! he has come such

Gemma says: Hi ya babe! I am a devoted fan of Leeds United! Smithy is soooooo georgeus! I hav seen him playin but havent met him yet1 my day will come though! Blond hair, cute smile, sexy ass, sassy skills, bad temper! Wot else wuld u wnt! Smithy is da best player at leeds & he is gonna be a legend! He certainally is my hero! Luv him 2 bits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lots & lots of luv Gemma.

Rachel says: i think alan is gorgeous he is an excellant player he deserves to play in the 1st team for england!

Smithy's Girl says: How fit is Alan Smith????? He is soooo gorge and a wicked playa although that's not y i watch him play!! Has he got a GF? Coz i'll volunteer

caz says: hi my name is caz and i think alan smith is the most gorgeous person on earth and i am his number1 fan! does he hav a girlfriend if he does then she is the luckiest girl in the world. I LOVE ALAN SMITH

kat a.k.a mrs smith(no, i am called smith) says: wow! what can i say 2 man of the matches in a week. u look soooooooooooooooooo fit. swap ure shirt more so we all get 2 c ure fit body!!!!!!!!!!


Kayleigh Smith says: I think that Alan is the sexiest pearson in the whole world. I will be his gf 1 day and i will have him all 2 myself. I LOVE U SMITHY.

semabeckham says: everybody,he have got a girlfriend. dont know her's name but she's so beautiful.anybody knows her name?please tells me because my friend loves Alan.

lucy - blazin squads no 1 fan! says: alan smith is sooooo fit and a good player

Hannah ( future Mrs Smith) says: I luv Alan Smith more than anyone in the whole world. he is so sexy and Im really proud ov him. he has got such a gorge bum. mmmmmmmmmmmm. cum on Smithy.

WURZEL says: Alan is the best striker in the prem at the moment and is gona be Englands number one striker

Kayleigh Smith says: GIVE ME ALAN SMITH'S MOBILE NUMBER!! no one can have Alan Smith coz he's mine and my mate looks like him! i think i will ask him out so i can have an Alan Smith lookalike bf. please go out with me Alan i'll love you forever and ever and ever!

Smithy's shagaroo says: Hiya Smithy I'd just like 2 say your girl friend is the luckiest lady alive u r so lush and such a sweet person u can give me a call anyday i'll be waitin

Lizzy - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says: If fink da Alan is a fantastic footballer words cannot describe! - he is definetly 1 4 da future! - I'm his no 1 fan! - He is sooooooooooooo gorgeous & i'm gunna marry him 1day!

Alan Smith is one of thebest striker i have ever seen! I am so impressed with how he has change a lot with his attitude on the field! He is now something we can be really proud of in Leeds! Good luck ALAN!!!

Manny asks: Could you tell us if he has a girlfriend if so who is she what does she look like my mates and me are very intested in him

Amy Ellam says: Smith is soooooo sexy i love him to bits i love him soooo much!! Hes fit,fine and sexy and is well ace at football!I met him last year on the 17 December and was looking fine!Im his no1 fan 4eva.Im gonna go out with him soon,sooner the better!Keep it up Smithy

Siriwan Plengtharat ( fan from thailand ) says: Smith,u r a man in my dream.I love u very very much.I want to see u Smithy!!!!

Jessica!!!!!!! says: I have seen loads of Football players and thought yeh there are okay but when I saw Alan I was like WOW WOW and WOW. He is so fit. Keep playing Alan we love u!!!!

sexy kate says: alan smith is very fine n sexy n wud do im ne time

Katie says: I Love Smithy! He is my little darlin'! He looks so fit all the time especially wen i met him cos leeds stopped in the same hotel as me! i screamed wen i saw him cos he looked so fine and i even got a hug from him!


Danielle says: I think alan smith is a babe and i really think he's a good palyer and very fit!!!!! My cousin Knows him from school and i met him when he was about 18,e looked ever so nice but e lookes better now with the short blonde hair. Hes the fittest lad on earth and is very lucky to be alive! I LOVE ALAN!The babe that he is.e also has a nice arse!go smithy go! Danielle xxxx

bexy says: alan smith is the sexiest man alive

Aftab Bismullah says: I think that Alan Smith is a sexy player in Leeds.

Rebecca says: I was in town with my mum one saturday and i saw Alan Smith in HMV on his own, i couldn't believe cos iv'e always wanted to see him in person, also he's my fave player from Leeds United, i think alan smith is a really good player on the pitch.

Anon says: alan does have a girlfriend she`s called Laura.

Laura Ellis says: I went to my first match a few weeks ago, and my god Smithy is even fitter in real life !!!! Smithy you are fantastic, and the best player I have seen. Keep it up. Make everyone wonder.... Michael who ???

amellia<frm singapore> says: alan is SO hot....i swear to god he is THE finest man alive...and his football is ace!!!!!! :D

Raquel says: sexy arse and gorge looks, i have been to elland rod 4 times now and have seent him topless twice PHWOAR, oh and alan if you ever wondered who the freaky person was that always yells sexy smithy then it is me! ur r da best and i'll wear u on my shirt 4eva u sexy blonde, xx

Anne Sellers says: I think alan smith is the best football player and he is soo sexy! and i love him very much xxx

Cassandra Reid says: hey im alans girlfriend and i would like to say thankyou for all the support that u fans have given alan, as his girlfriend i would like to say that there couldnt ever be a better boyfriend out there for me and i wish him all the suscess in bthe world! xx

Rach says: I met Smithy at a Leeds youth game, he didn't hav 2 go bt went to show his support 4 the team. He's a genuine nice lad wit REAL team spirit. He makes me proud 2 be a leeds fan! SMITH SMITH ALAN ALAN SMITH< HE GETS THE BALL AND SCORES A GOAL ALAN ALAN SMITH!!!!!!

Luke ward says: I think Alan smith is one of the bast players for yhe leeds united squad, the best time i had seen him play was the time he scored two goals on his debut against liverpool at anfield.

every girl wants u 2 b her man but ill w8 rite here till its my turn ok alan? says: His g/f (who sooooooo big style shud b me excet i think its illegal 2 see ure stalker) is called laura i think!! luki mare! Alan u shud like sooooo go out wiv me i meen how am i eva gunna find ne1 who looks exactly like u n plays footy like u eh? yea im not!!!! I LUV U SMUDGER!!! 17!

wenee says: smith is my favourite football player! i love him very much!!! He is the most handsome guy in the world

Francine Burns says: Alan Smith is the sexiest footie player in the premiership. The blonde high-lighted hair really suits him. He is a really brilliant football player and has great footie skills and is by far the best player in the leeds united squad. Sven should definatly pick him for the England squad and if he doesnt it will be a big mistake. He is way better than that Heskey bloke. He is too fat and has had his day and it is time he moved over and let some young talent in. I realy envy his girlfriend. How on earth did she get a catch like that! he should be mine! theres no way i will find a boyfriend as good looking as him( not fair! not fair!)oh well i will go and drool over my posters of him. Byeee X

Ruth says: I love Leeds and I love Alan Smith cos he is just well fine... and i have a signed picture of him!!! i dont often watch Leeds play cos I live down south but i do whenever they play away... and my teacher i salways giving me stick for supporting Leeds but i dont care cos Alan Smith plays 4 them... dont you ever leave!

Edily from Vietnam says: I have seen Alan playing since noone in my country knew who he was or knew anything about Leeds United. Now they are all famous worldwide and my love for them, especially Alan stays the same, even more. I love Alan not only because he is so cute but also the way he controls the ball and even the way he offenses the refree. I love him so much and that's why my aim is studying abroad in England in 1 or next 2 years.Just to meet him once, u know.

Hodges says: If u don't like alan smith then i really have nothing 2 say 2 u. he's fit sexy cute and gorgeous the new David Beckham. come on smithy get on the pitch and score. hope 2 c u in southampton all ,me love Hodges

party_boy_501 says: alan smith is a top guy! keep up the good work lad! u keep playin',ill keep watchin'! ta-ra, party_boy :0)

Andrea, the future Mrs Smith says: damn the girlfriend!! alan smith is the sexiest thing ever, i agree with tracey he does look fir in his shorts but im sure he would look fir without them, if i was his bird i would never let him out the house he is so hot and the footies not bad either if any one knows of any web sites with decent pics of the sexy one then please e-mail me and let me know about them. oh and raquel who has seen the man himself topless - jammy bugger!! bet that was nice. smithy for england!!!

Heather....20 says: Oh my God! I've seen the light! Its only in the past month that i've 'dicovered' Alan Smith! Why wasn't i told about this bit of totty?! What a sweetie! You are blatantly sexier than Owen, Gerrard AND Beckham!...and that takes alot matey! Keep up the sexiness....i mean good football!

jodie says: alan smith playz brilliant football! he's a total GOD! he's an absolutely gorge man with a face 2 match his skill.

emma says: alan is the fittest player i have ever seen and hes all mine. he is soooo fit and luv the hairsyle and he his a gr8 player luv ya alan. from his gf emma

stephanie geller says: i went to the england game yesturday in southampton! and smithy was fine!!!! and played well!!!! i love u smithy

Sarah and Kate say: Alan Smith is a very gorgeous and talented star everyone says he's gonna be bigger than beackham and i agree.And he is so fit i wanna marry him!!!

kirsty says: Alan Smith is so cute i can't believe he got sent off the ref should be sacked

-MEL- says: Smithy is the best and he is sooooooo gorgeous!! I'm the only one for him!!!!

*~*~Lizzy~*~* says: Alan Smith is sooooo mint! - I do love him 2 bits! - I`m ur no 1 - evn though I supports da Hammers!!!!!! - Good Luck in all u do & u'll do gr8! 4 England - I love u just da way u r! - Don`t u dare change - ur a joy 2 watch! MARRY ME?

lara smith (really) says: i am a devoted man u fan but god is alan smith hot. i'm gettin his name put on me england shirt.but i went and got a leeds shirt to but i can never support them cause i'm a season ticket holder at man u, i hope you won't hold it against me!!! my room is covered in posters of him when he started playin for leeds i took all me beckhan posters down.

samantha says: i think alan smith is lovely and i think hes bird is lucky!!!!! i love to be her

lynne and paul smith say: hi this is alans mum and dad ere id just like 2 say alan yr a top player and we luv u loadz and u and emma yr gf r well suited and ya dont deserve her coz shes lovely. luv u alan and emma

emma says: alan i luv u soooo much. even though ew av only bin goin out 4 3 months we av bin threw a lot and i luv u 4 bein by me and that time. i no i tell u this everyday but i really luv u babe. luv frm yr gf emma

Becki says: Alan Smith is the sexiest man alive, he is so FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the good work up 4 Leeds United & England keep playing well & keep ur head high babe. U always do ur best on the pitch & always play well. Keep the good work up! Luv ya 4 eva & always babe, take care Luv Rebecca :)

Teresa says: I'm from Chile, and i love you Alan Smith.

Chrissie says: Smithy is such a 'HOTTIE' mmmmmmm...& i am lovin hiz doo....big up 2 all u leedz & smithy fanz!! I LOVE YOU SMITHY!!!

Pride of yorkshire= leeds n alan smith Donna** says: I luv ye smithy babes im comin 2 see ya again nxt thursday betcha sik o me now aint ya? lol yea im the crazy gal going OMG ITS REALLY ALAN SMITH I LUV U SMUDGER!! even tho i musta seen ya a million times! and im also alays the 1 sat there goin GO ON HARRY SKIN IM HAVE IM SHOOT HARRY! ok im v passionate about my elland road babies have 2 b now we have a bad manager! Oleary come bak! so ne way i wa svery proud at the england game dont worry u didnt let us down u hada gr8 game and sven is rite 2 stik by ya it was a very silly thing 2 do but u were unluki n all hun!!!ne ways ill see u nxt week gerra goal on saturday against boro wont ya? n i cart w8 2 see u all spesh smithy bubye now hunnies!!!

Nick Bazeley says: Ilove youre nike football boots smithy you are qualiyy player vyou should playing up front for England from the best player in the world love you Nick.....

Clare Robinson says: Alan Smith U r well sexy. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO much

Hannah says: Alan Smith is the nicest playa since David Beckham! Im a massive newcastle fan but got a leeds shirt with smith on to show how much i love him! Hes gorgeous and anyone who says otherwise is blind!!

leah says: i love alan smith. he is gorgeous. if you hav a picture. send it to me

beckie barber says: i think alan smith is the fittest man in the world and i think the ref was wrong!!

smithys shagaroo says: Cnt believe alan woz sent off in da England qualifier!! I wish da refs wud get off his back cos hes not a bad boy no more its just cos hes been sent off a cuple off times every1 thinks hes lethal. If your reading this alan i'd just like 2 say that u r leeds bst playa and the sexiest but also Laura Frain is the luckiest cow in the world!!!!!

Smithy's shagaroo says: Last season i went 2 c leeds reserves against man.u reserves. U dont buy tickets so me & mates sat in the row behind the directors box. Guess who wos sat in front of us? Only smithy,matteo and Robbie Keane. I nearly died cos i'm obsessed wiv smithy. My mate started talking 2 keano and smithy turned round & started talkin 2 her as well so i joined in da conversation. thats not the best bit tho cos wen leeds scored i got a hug of all 3 of them. It wos the best day of my life. Oh and alan smells absolutley GORGEOUS!

Julian Smith (no relation!) says: Alan Smith is so awesomely talented, so good at football (England keep picking him), has such a good personality and is so good looking, but there is one problem. Don't get me wrong, Leeds Utd is my favourite team, it's just a shame he can't learn to control his temper on the pitch cos it keeps getting him red cards and he's really not that kind of person off it. God bless you Alan, God bless all you Leeds Utd fans, and keep playing your best and please stay with Leeds Alan, we don't want to lose you. Love Julian x.

katie says: alan i thought u played brilliant i love u so much will u marry me

Natti Smith says: Yes, Smith iz my REAL last name so if i married Alan i wudn't av 2 change it. LOL. I luv him so much n recently saw him on his hols in fuerteventura n he looked well FINE! :-D

Jennifer says: I think he is a good player - but i just wish he wouldn't keep getting sent off. It really annoys me because if he could just calm that temper of his - he would be one of the best strikers in England.

Claire says: I've met Smithy many times and he is even more sexier in real life.

donna n emma*leeds4eva* says: Smithy we luv ya sooooooooooo much! ure a complete n utter babe! n ure dead cute! ure so talented n we are so proud 2 ave ya at elland road its gr8!!! well apartfrom the whole obbesession with red cards i meen wats wit that? ill agree n say that u need 2 b agressive upfront but m8 ye dont have 2 try n brek every1s legs now do ya? ne way no matter how many cards ye get well still luv ya loads n we r very proud 2 have sum1 of ure ability n skill at leeds well dun keep up the gd work well stay wit u 4eva well at least untill the world stops goin round!!! LUV YA SMITHY!! number 17 hand full!!!!

Azlan says: HI Alan... U are my Role Model as a Striker to ME... Btw, my B'day is on 28th oct too! As well as mine Height! Keep it up ALAN...!

kathy17 says: alan smith is so cute and a good player. i love him so much.

laura says: can I just say how the hell does smith get his body into that shape I know loads of girls who would like to grab his ball and rub his six pack. Babe magnet.

Emily Neville -LIVERPOOL says: Alan is very fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~*lisa*~ says: alan smith u r so fine. evre fing about u , i love!! ur hair, ur smile, the way u play dirty. i fink ur abosolutely 100% perfect!!

cherry07 says: I love u so much!!!You try your best every time and keep on doing this.You are the Best in the world!!

bianca says: ur my number 1! xxxxxxxxxx

adele thomson ((edinburgh)) says: alan smith is gorgeous!!! :D :D :D

winncy says: you are so young promise and skillful.In shanghai i still can watch you play every week.I do enjoy that.Alan,cheep up,you are the best.I will come to leeds to appreciate your play with my own eyes.I will always support you~!!!:):)

sammi smith says: alan smith is a sexy bugger because he has great legs and a six pack!!!!! i hope 1 day i will meet him.....

Paul Wilby says: What is it with you people? Alan Smith is so overated. I often wonder what it is that anyone sees in him. So what he runs around like a headless chicken, but come on ....... HE DOESN'T SCORE GOALS. Does He? No of course he doesn't. He has tha scoring record of a defender. So pack him of to where he belongs, yes, the Nationwide. And please Sven, wake up and smell the coffee....Alan Smith is total CRAP!

Michaela smith says: O'deary me i just found this site and I'd like to say to all you smiffy fans out there asking him to marry you, get into the world and wake up from your dreams. Alan doesn't date fans... and stupid little girls who only like him because he's a sexy little football player sorry I'm just sticking up for my fave cousin I've grown up with :)

Hayley - 'wish i was smithy girlfirend' says: Alan Smith is soooo sexy and leeds are the best team ever!!! for my birthday i got a signed picture of you - you look very fit. smity, you have so much skill, may you could show me some of your moves sometime? ;-) LOL anyway keep up the good work and keep scoring them goals!!! i love you xxxx

Queenie says: Alan Smith is the best forward in England I can say! He is always my idol! Keep it up!

Rangers fan who loves Alan! says: Smith is the cutest guy in britain & the best player in british football. Was great to see him wearing a Rangers top in Florida, and if you don't play for Rangers you may as well play for the best english team!

Emma Theobold says: I think Alan is f2f and he is one of the best footie players in the premiership. Go Alan Love ya

julie says: i think smudger is a good player and doesnt deserve all the eight red cards.

ELAHEH SMITH says: i love you alan, i always want to be your sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

miss T says: ALAN U R WELL BUFF!!!!!!!! i can`t beleive that we lost against everton !!!!! well every team goes through a bad spell . LEEDS IS STILL THE BEST TEAM .....!!! i am a true fan and will alwaz b there for you & da team !!!!! luv miss T

Smudger girl says: Smithy u rock!! U r the best player in England and the red cards- well that just shows how devoted u r to ur team!! *LEEDS RULE 4EVA* xx

Lauren says: I am obsessed with Alan Smith,he is the fittest footballer ever.I watch every Leeds and England match just 2 c him!

Betty says: Hiya Alan my name is Betty and i think you are brill - i - ant you rock my world and i love you to bits. I only wish i could see you play more often.

Kerry McN says: Alan Smith Is So Sexy I love him loadz Kerry (19)

Andy Leigh says: i am alan smiths number 1 fan and i just want to be like him when i am older i think he is great send an email back please

Andrea, the future Mrs Smith says: paul wilby you know nothing alan rocks he is so sexy and he is not overrated

Helen xxxxxxx says: i'd just like to say that Alan Smith is the best football player ever and he is so so so so lush! i'm your biggest fan ever, keep up the good work Smithy. Jabba; can i just say you've got your information wrong. Alan was born in Rothwell, Leeds, and he is a Striker!

atitaya says: hello I love smudger a lotttttttt you know your lovely my name is atitaya I come from thailand I love you I love leedsunited fc

Jade says: Iv met Alan Smith and hes the best fotty player in the world and hes really sext too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smudger's No1 Woman(I wish!) says: Just wanna say Smithy is the most decent guy i have eva met! Wen got in the lift wiv him in a hotel he was lovely! I was wearin me leeds shirt wiv smith 17 on da bk and he even waited outside me room so i could get a pen so he could sign it. I should've invited im in 4 coffee!!! Atleast he gave me a hug and a peck on da cheek though! By the way wot aftershave/deoderant do u use cos it is gorgeous! Love ya loads babe! Why can't every man in the world be like you!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Jude says: I think alan smith is a great fooballer and has the potenial to go far. Plus he is VERY cute aswell!!

katie says: hi alan i've loved u 4 edges and i would really like to meet u u r so sexy and quite i watched you play on the 14th of november and u played brill i cant believe that u scored 4 goles well yes i can because you r ace i av been to every game to watch u i luv you alan loads of luv katie (12)

becky sibbick says: alan smith is gorgeous he is so sexy i luv watching him play i luv alan loads

tash says: did you see the skill last nite???? (vs Hapoel)

Debz says: I think Smithy is sooooooooooooooo fyne!!! Hey to all big leeds fans out there...they rule! Alan Smith is the best!wooooooooooo

kylie says: well done for last night getting ur first hat trick your tremendous.i love you so much and think your well fit. keep up the good work at Leeds.

Kerry says: Alan Smith is soo fit. I love him sooo much. Me and me best m8 are his biggest fans eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claire Marshall says: My friend Abigail really fancies u ALan, you only have to mention 'Alan Smith' and she goes all day-dreamy! LOve CLaire

louise born in wakefield says: wouldn't go as far has some of these girls have gone but you have a look to you thats cute, bye the way who i work with becky said she bet you in a race at rothwell school. running race.

angela says: I love alan smith. he is the best soccer player in this world especially with his quattrick goal aginst hapoel tel aviv. I love you Smith larger than life, larger than anything in tihs world.

smithy_luva17 says: alan smith is the fittest man alive n if n e 1 dunt fink that then they can f**k off! ive met his 3 times n even got a birthday card off him! ive got a season ticket 4 leeds jus 2 c im! i luv him loads!

Ellie says: Wow,I cant believe how old those piccies are!Anyway,if your reading this Smithy,then you are GOD!!I adore you and I wanted to let all this out!I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hope yo u and your girlfriend are happy and evrything in the futre goes well.My room is covered in your posters so it shows that well..................I am your BIGGEST fan!!!!!!!!!!!Always! Ive bin your fan since you were 17!!Love ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

je.q says: what's wrong with you people? alan smith has an attitude problem and he's not all that great. micheal owen's definately a much better footballer than smith.

Junjie says: Smith's a fine player and I like him.He's cute and should be Owen's partner in England's attack.I'll be glad if Smithy sends me an e-mail.

nikki says: Smithy u r too cool!! Ur the best player in leeds and in england, well i think so anyway!;-) xxxnikkixxxx

alana says: Alan Smith kicks arse...his the next booby charlton or jeff hurst!! Jabba adds: that's "Bobby" and "Geoff" I think....

cherry07 says: You look so great!Keep it on , I know you can be the no. 1 in the world!!!!!!I love you forever...........

Bex says: Alan Smith is well well well fit. And hes da best playa in leeds utd + england!

sam +laura dickson say: i love Alan Smith he is sooo sexy i love him

Louise says: I love Alan Smith so much hes the best looking person in the world if i had 1 wish it would be 2 meet him!!!

Guy Mason says: I met Alan and his girlfriend in Disneyland Florida, we had a good laugh,and and he got the drinks in for me and my girlfriend, cheers mate

Daniel Sharlotte says: i saw harry play in the youth cup final agianst crystal palace and he was good then but he is amazing now.

Alan Junior Smith says: more and more stupid messages coming every day pathetic, u guy's need to get out of your dream worlds...... every time i read these messages they make me wanna laught, he may be fit but is that hy u guys watch him, he's got skill he's da man........ WAKE uP CHILDREN

Smiffy's Bird says: Al is the best player @ Leeds 'n' I love 'im! Me Dad took Me 2 watch the boys in Italy last week against Telavive and Smiffy wuz absolutley wicked! Oh my life that bum is amazin!! love ya Al keep bangin 'em in! x.x.x.x ps Hiya 2 all the Kippax whites!

Cas says: I met him at the Elland Road and he is my favourite player. i kiss the picture of him with his arm round me every night before i go to sleep. He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SEXY, FIT, GORGEOUS, CUTE and well BUFF!!

Becky Brooks, Plymouth High says: i think you are really gr8. not only are you the best footballer but you have good looks too!

Sophie A H says: smithy you are great. what more can i say. you have made me lost for words. i love you. every time i see you my heart skips a beat!

Erik Wille says: Hi. I'm Erik 9 year from Norway. I get my first Leeds shirt for may bithday this sommer. nr 17 SMITH. I send a letter to him and later he send me his autograf. The day after I get it he scored for England. He is my favorite player. ERIK

Loopy Lei says: Hey Smithy!! I hope u are reading this!I think u are a brill player and u will go really far.I hope u and uregirlfriend will b happy and goof luck for the future. I LOVE YOU!!!! hope u send me an e-mail so it can b my best xmas pressant eva. Thank you!Leeds are the best team eva and i luv u 2 bits. Keep me and my friend entertained Smithy. Good luck!!!! Love u loadz 4 eva Loopy Leixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

laura louise smith says: hiya people i really love you i think u r sexy as i reallly loved ur backward roll against malaga. I find u very attractive and your smile is mint luv u loads

Emma says: Smith is the best! I love him so much he's such a good player, also he's got a gorgeous bod!

lizy says: Alan Smith is the sexist football player in Leeds United football team w b to me anyone

cathy says: hi alan u are the greatest player i have ever seen we love u all!! i say marching on together ..... especially you turned me crazy ;) it would be nice when u will write me a e-mail because u r such an symphatic guy,,, luv ya cathy

Lucinda Ross says: oh i do have to say u are good looking like everyone says and u do play for leeds and i have your email address to wonders of life and im only 10 we are leeds we are leeds, glory glory leeds united

Selina says: I think that he is the fittist man in british football, I have a full book of pictures that i've cut out of newspapers, and magazines of him. Every night before I go to sleep I look at it. He is Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FIT

*Roz* says: i cant believe how fine he is!

Luke says: I have dreamt about him before. He is so lush and I would love to meet him!

LeA says: Alan Smith is the sexiest male i have ever seen. so wot if he got a temper? it makes him more attractive. keep it up u fine specimen of a man!

Leticia Spain says: you are the best player footballer of the world.I follow you since spain!!!!!! I love you. alan,te espero desde espaa,espero que algun dia estes en nuestra liga.desde espaa se te quiere guapo!!!!!!!

Tong says: Hi!Smity I'm Tong.I've seen u when u came in Thailand.I can't believe that Leeds'll come in Thailand,well the match is ok and you did the best,and i'm glad to get your autograph,love you so!

sophie says: ever since i started watching football you've got me staring at the screen!! i think you're not just a gorgeous face (and body!) but a really talented guy!! love ya lots! i would LOVE it if you could write an e-mail to me, that would really make my day!

Donna *smithys number1* *leedsutd4eva** says: Excuse me jr alan smith! this isnt just a post place for how brilliantly gr8 alan smith is as a player obviously there r plenty of lasses (n mybe lads) who think Smudge is fit 2 F**k! including me alot of people do avtually do realise that they r neva gunna b with him! (id bloody kill to tho) and he as a g/f laura hu he is very happy with!! contrary 2 all this crap about his g/f being sum1 called emma! now lets get this straight alan smith is THE most sexiest man alive r u jelous of him? levae his fans alone alan is class gorgeous n a leeds player everything a gal cud want in a guy! yea he is an exceptional player but he is also gorgeous if every1 was sayin it about u itd b a different story wunnit? now leave every1 on here alone they dont deserve critcism frm u about who they fancy! leave em all alone!!!

Michaela smith, Old Farnley Leeds says: I can't believe how great a player ALAN is stuff the looks, that's not why we watch football....

Amy Hinds says: Alan Smith you are fiiiiinnnnnneeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a superb footballer too. i love you

Melanie Love says: Alan Smith is soooo sexy but he is one of the best strikers eva. It makes me proud to be a LEEDS fan he has a bum to die for

Sam percival says: Alan, I am you're number 1 fan, i no u prob hear this all the time but i really, really, really am!!!!! LUFC rule and u r by rar the most talanted player i have ever seen!!! u r the best!!! i love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! i have you're scarf and posters all over my walls! all i want 4 christmas(apart from u!) is all the leeds shirts with smith 17 on the back on all of em! I watch u in games and u r fab!!! All my friends get sick and tired of me talkin bout u all the time! Evan my teachers think im crazy!!!!!!!!!! Love u lots and lots and lots and lots and lots from you're number 1 fan Sam x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Vicki Smith says: i met v fittest leeds player at v airport and i totally embarassed myself and my best frend by sayin alan your so fit then he couldn't stopp laughin i luv him 4eva and more than anyone of his other fans!

John Smith says: alan smith is a legend!! i am definently your biggest fan and i model my whole game around how you play!keep it up and keep banging the goals in.

Nur Aisyah says: Well i think that Alan Smith is gorgeous and talented.Smith may be the dirtiest player but he plays so well that i admirer his performance.

Laura Cox says: I love you so much and your so fit. I watch every match, and your one of the best football players to. I have to be your biggest fan. It's a pity i haven't got a picture of you with blonde hair and sighned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you send me an e-mail cos it will be the bast xmas ever!!

elle says: Alan smith is soooooo fine and is the fittest person in the world. He may get frustrated sometimes and take it out on the apponants but its just cause he's passionate about his club. We love you alan so continue with your goal scoring and looking so fit even when you've just played 90 mins of footie! luv u loadsXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX and i also think your hair is soooo gorg! i luv u loadsXxX

Dag Hildor says: I have birthday on the same day of Alan Smith, and I am VERY glad of it is him!! Because he are the WORLD best player!!!!

amy says: I think alan smith is the best playa and rio left leeds his is the what leeds need apart from a new manager terry what is his problem(apart from being a ****)Alan we love u you r a sexy beast

Off says: Smith how do u do? I've watch every matches that u play.I think that u are really powerful player.I hope that u'll come to thailand again.take care!!!

Anna says: He is one of the best strikers in england! go on alan!

Carrie says: Hi Alan. just wanna say you are a quality player and all us leeds fans are proud of you for playing at England level p.s u've got the nicest legs!!!!! love Carrie xxx

Zoe says: alan smith is very very very very very very very very gourgous , he has nice hair, and is very very very fit!! I love him soooooooo much , he loves me too

Smithys no 1 fan says: I met smuger at the leeds charlton game and got his autograph. Who ever is sayin his g/f is called emma or laura there wrong shes actully called jane! I asked him!keep up the gud skills ur a lush lad Smithy love ya loads Helen .N. XXXX

Gemma in york says: I think Alan Smith is a really good payer and he is so gorge as well.i'm his biggest fan. I have got a leeds utd bike paper cuttings and my bedroom is full of alan smith.Even my wall paper, and i have gone to nearly all of their home matches cause i love leeds and Alan smith is the best ever so don't dish.

Joanne says: Alan smith is soooooo sexy! he has the finest body and the cutest face in the intire world! hes a gr8 player and i know he'll go a long way! xxxx

Beckie Barber says: i think Alan is the most sexiest footballer in the world, including Owen. i loved his hair bleached, so alan bleach it back again!!!

gemma in york says: Alan smith is the coolest footballer around and i sooooooooooooo am his no 1 fan. i really like your style. can't believe that evryone thinks that your getting a attitude on pitch like lee bowyer. who cares i think it makes you more cool. Come on Alan. Keep up da attitude

Nicola says: Alan Smith is the fitest man in the whole world.

jessica b says: Hi id just like to sat ALAN SMITH is the Fittest 'n' VERY VERY SEXY.I have met him once and had my pic took wit him its in a fram in my room and ive got loads of pics of him in my room!!!!!!!!!!

Anna,Blackpool says: There are some really sad people on here who need to get a life! yes he is nice but hardly anyone has mentioned anything about his footy skills! do you lot know what the word "STALKER" means!

Mandy says: I like the way you laugh, I like the way you scream. I like the way you play football, that makes your team wins. I like you being so tall, I like you being so blond. When every time I go into the LUFC shop, I see you posters on the wall. I like you always being so serious, and trying so hard. But your team becomes lifeless, when you get a red card! Your talent is a gift, I like you so much, cos you are Alan Smith.

Sam Hardy says: come on smithy u know ur gonna play for england + when u do i bet anyone we will win the euro 2004 - big kisses XXX

Talz says: I Love Alan Smith more than n e 1 ive got to! hes just amazin his skilled his attitude to the game ...hes quality! im even named after him!i play football and me nicknames smithy:op! Alan Smith is fine!!!

hugo cordero romero says: Saludos desde CHILE, espero contestes el mail, un hincha de tu juego

Jennifer says: Alan Me and my mate Majella LOVE u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH! U R FINE!!! We r from Ireland [rep]! and we luv all da Ireland squad ecspecially Ian and Gary K! Ireland and Leeds Rock! u go! Loads a luv Jen and Maj! xxx.

Jamie-Lee says: Alan is probably one of the most sexiest man alive!! I love his lips, and gorgeous body!! I wish that he was my boyfriend. I'll forever wait for you Alan. Just visit Belize soon.

Ms. Donovan says: Ur the best soccer player in the world (tied w/ Landon Donovan)!!! U are soo good and talented, not to mention beautiful!!!

Jess and becca say: Me and my mate LOVE alan smith, he is flipping gorgous and dead fit!!!!!!!!!!! so f*** off the rest of u lot cos hes ours! Also just 2 note that we both support leeds, and england(ofcourse).Also harry kwell is f***in gorgous, nearly as nice as smith! you lot have got no chance wiv him cos ur all ugly mingers loads andloads of luv, we luv u smudger!

Amy Sherwood says: Alan Smith is the most committed player at leeds.

Smithy is my hero says: Hi people & if Alan smith himself is reading then then " hi alan " :) All you people are saying, im his biggest fan and everything". But nAH thats not true , no one can be a bigger fan than me! For christmas i got a christ mas card with a picture of him stuck on and a signed autograph by the Lovely boy!! i also got a leeds shirt with smith 17 on the back ! He is a amazing player and is a great role model for me and many other girls and boys everywhere! He gives football his all, and so wot if he gets sent off he was trying to help his team ! I cry whenever i see him on tele , however sad that may seen and im going to meet him soon , Im going to be so nervous! Im the biggest smithy fan in the world and im so serious i know wot im talking about , my room is coverd in his face EVERYWHERE! love you smithy!!

nicky says: alan smith is just the most gorgeous person on earth!!!

Michaela SMITH says: Me and my friends have just read through your messages, and you guys who write these pathetic messages really do not lead a life out there. Is that the only reason's why you watch Football because players are good looking, Come inton the real world and grow up. Smith's skills are what we watch the game for your comments really make us laugh. You guys are all sad little girls.

Best friend of Luize says: My m8 Luize is definitely ur no1 fan, she has too many posters of u and is definitly obsessed w/ u. Just reply 2 her and make her shut up. ps i fink she loves u,( u lucky begger)

Louise Page says: Hi Smithy ur da best footy player eva, i never miss a match and i fink u r da sexiest player in da world. Plz don't dont leave Leeds i love da team, but i love you mor. xxxxxxxxxxxx

emma eccles says: h my god! Smithy is such a role model to me. he's great at footie and is very sexy!! i'm his biggest fan. love you lotz Alan. love emma

Mathew Wilson says: Hi, i love Alan Smith, he's so sexy and hunky. He's also got alot of attitude and i even hear he's great with kids! Bonus!! (not that he'ld ever have any with me of course, but i sure wouldnt mind trying).

Tara Hatherley says: Alan Smith is so fit! I love u Alan!!!

kayleigh dring says: i love alan smith coz he is fitt and hott and a great player i have loads of pictures of alan smith i even have a leeds shirt with alan smiths name and number on the back

Adele 4 Smithy says: Smithy you are soooooo georgous. Ive been to loads of matches with you playing and I always cheer you on. I am yours and Leeds United's biggest fan. I have LOADS of posters of you in my bedroom. I love your hair it is great. You also have a nice arse

Amy Mitchelmore says: i went to disneyland in florida and saw smithy there but we didnt go up to him cos we were in a rush so i am anoyed about that but i would love to meet him i support leeds aswell as man u

Amzz says: your so fit smithy me and my mate sarah realy want to meet u u r just an ace footballer and your gorgeous

char says: smith is absolutley gorgeous and he is identicel to my ex james meres. he is da best footballa in da world and leeds united is da best football team eva.!!!!

kelly mitchelmore says: smithy is so gorgeous .in the whole world out of all the foot ball player smithy is the best .

selina, alans no 1 fan says: i think he is the fittest person in the world

Petra says: Im right now watching him playing in Fa match.I just cannot stop loving him. Thats why I was couple of years ago (only 15 years) visiting Leeds and I went to a pub and who did I met.Oh my f***ing Good it was HIM, the God himself. We chat a little, not so many people knew him then and he was really a nice guy. Then came the day when I needed to fly back to Finland and I still miss him and love him.

cat smith says: alan smith is just mint lol and he is mint@ football !!! luv ya cat Jay xXxXx

Ollie says: Alan ur the best footie player eva, ur so fit n sexy, ya foot works not to bad either ha! ha!, ur better than any other footie player. LUV YA LOADS LUV ollie from mansfield xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Luci says: alan smith is THE most gorgeous person on this planet. i abs lurve u! i am ur biggest fan EVA and the only thing i want 4 me 18th is u! lufc r da best. xxxx

Leah C,Staffordshire says: i <3 alan smith so much!e is da fittest person in da world!wat u on about ashleigh n becky im is numba 1 fan!luv ya sxy!!!!!!!!!(",)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Claire says: I think that Alan Smith is great at football, and I can't wait 'till Leeds play Newcastle 'cos then I've got an excuse to watch. (I'm a Newcastle fan)

Ali says: Why does he heave to be so gad damn fine?
I go into dream mode when I see him on the TV.

Alan you're wonderful, Alan you're sexy,
You're hundreds and thousand times fitter than Becksy.

Alan you're passionate, Alan you're fine,
Oh how I dream and wish you were mine

Alan, you're magical, Alan, you're cute,
You look so damn sexy when wearing a suit

You just have to look at your skills on the pitch, To tell that you're girlfriend's the luckiest bitch.

Alan, you're strong and your hair is so bright,
Whe you step on the pitch, the game sets alight

Alan, you're lovely, And you aint no thug, everyone just wants to give you a hug(and the rest)

Alan you're modest, Alan, you're great,
What we'd all do to just be your date

You'll go down in history- a legend, I'm sure, You'll lead us to glory in Euro '04

Alan, you're twinkly, you're truly a white, and people who hate you can go and eat s***e
Alan, you're special, Alan, you're sweet, You really do have the world at your feet...

And there's a one- in- a- million chance that Alan will ever read these comments, but theres always a glimmer of hope.


sophie A.H, plymouth says: i luv u so much i even made up a song: oh smithy ur so fine, ur so fine u blow my mind, hey smithy. i luv ur hair and ur football boot u make me scream wen u shoot.

horny devil says: Alan smith is the coolest player in the who wide world. Alan you are well fit sexy and gorgoues and cute. I so wont you. I know you will go all the way alan. big snogs xxxx

Gemma + Catherine in YORK NR LEEDS say: hi all.Have you heard alan smiths nike footie trainers are going on auction. bet they will go 4 a lot. i just thought id come and say ALAN IS DA BEST EVER. i cant belive bowyer has been sold 2 west ham. Now Alan Smith is All alone. Kinda.also i am looking 4 a m8 that shares the same intrest as me to chat 2 on this site. If u wanna just write a message on this site and talk bout Alan.

vicki says: Alan Smith is the best lookin player on the team!He is lush and looks great in shorts!!!

The 2 Vickis say: Alan Smith is f*****g lush. me ana my friend think he is the most sexiest playa eva!!!!!!!

sammy wilkinson says: i think alan smith is the most sexiest footballer in da world and i really really must meet him before i die or i will never forgive myself please please please please could i get to meet alan smith just a photo of him with me will do luv ya alan xxxxxxxxxxx

Jessica leach age 10 says: I love Alan Smith for his skills personality looks and club and family commitment. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

smithys_gal says: i luv alan smith not only 4 his footy but 4 his looks 2!! i have got u all over my computer coz i am ur number 1 fan!!

Pain muzal says: Yes i always see Alan Smith to play with Leeds United.I love he because he is good palyer.May God always see he i hope that Alan will to be continuos to be a great player.Hi can you tell him that i want to get the new jersy leeds united from he.

Miss Smith(no really thats my name!) says: Alan u are so fine u are the best in the world. xxx

brendan tate says: alan smith is god and always going to be a leeds player for life and he loves the club like a true leeds fan

Jessica says: Wot more can u ask 4? Smithy is determined 2 win every game 4 Leeds United (givin 110% in each game) n is pround 2 wear the shirt, not only is he talented he is absolutly gorgeous. I realli hope Smithy stays at Leeds 4eva, n Smithy if ya readin this, I'll cya in May luv ya loads, jessica x x x x p.s thanx 4 avin ur picci takin wiv me at the end of last season!

Charly says: All these people on here are like "bla-bla-bla Alan is so fit, bla-bla-bla.... Rnt u 4gettin wher his real talent is?! He is one of the best English strikers, the glimmer of hope for Leeds and his temper is all part of the game. You've got to know what u want in football, and he's got it all. Cheers for bringing the brilliance back into football Smithy. Your bludy gorjus looks are just an asset.

doctor evil69156 says: i think alan smith is sexier than my idol gaerthgates and that is just saying something here and if a saw alan smith walking on the street i would just run up to him and kiss him and cuddle him and ask him for an autograph and ask him if he would come to my house 4 a coffee/tea

Anon says: just incase your reading this, thanks for everything. love ya loads kx

liv says: i think alan is gorgeos n i reckon leeds are really gud!!! I LOVE HIM AND HIS TEAM!!!!!

Graham Stephens says: I think Alan Smith is the great plaery like David Beackham well done Alan

Dilip says: he should join arsenal because leeds have sold all the good players and now leeds nothings.?

Jasmine Davis says: Alan smith is the best player at elland road he always has the eye on the ball and the oppenants goal he is quick n sharp and drop dead gorgeas!!!.

donna *smithys number1* says: Rite well first yall now what i think of smudger (if ya dont hes the fittest most talented footballer and man on the erath and ne1 hu disagrees is RONG and stoopid) Now smudge i luv u 2 bits and yes cos ure fit an yes cos ure gorgoeous and yes cos ure alan smith but this is a footballing matter! we are in deep deep trouble hun i meen it if something isnt sorted soon we mite be totally gone and we carnt let it happen! your the only playa hu cares about leeds as much as u do and youre our last hope! your the one hu can save us frm relegation or worse plz alan on behalf of every true leeds suporter in the world we need ya 2 do this 4 us! to be honest i dont know what every1 would do if u left its bad enough selling robbie n wooody but itd b the final straw if it wa syou! we are desperate!!!!!!! peter and the dam board ont do owt so will you lot plz try as best u can at leats keep us above relagation you are guys have enough talent and enough ability in that squad 2 become champions this is it smithy the big one! I think all the leeds supporters know what im tlkin about and the thing is no mattter what we say or do the big guns in their offices wont listen 2 us kik sum ass and prove to every1 hu we r! they shud fear us cos we r leeds n we r proud! we r probly one of the most feared teams around thats cossa people like you bats and millsy but also cos of skill like you harry and marko! go on als u can do it!!!!! Luv ya babes! ohhhhhh btw the naked ambition thing made me pick up da mag haha! o and yea leave the hair its much much much nicer all dishevled n sexy it goes with ure fine image and OMG been tekin lessons of beckham have we? jesus that free kick was first class m8 it was amazing i was very very proud pin pointed it cud see u were nervos but man did u hit it! frm now on u tek the free kicks yea b

Britney says: I spotted u playin u made all he girls stare with your lips and ure blue eyes ohhhh n that sexy hair u kicked the ball n made the world want you tell the lads ull b bk i wanna see what u can do! Ure so fit and u know it n i only dream of u! LUVIN SEXY SMUDGER!

katie says: Leeds are so fantastic! yes there in 70 million in debt but they will sort it out cos there just brill. I really love harry kewell, allan smith and woodgates nice to. I am so mad on leeds i dont miss a singel game of theres! THERE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

james keane says: I went up to leeds for the weekend and when i was up there i saw alan smith he was in a park jogging i was playing football so i asked him to take a pentalty he smacked at me when it hit my hand my hand became num just throgh the sheer force of the shot

donna smithys number1 says: well lets see Dilip! 1) alan smith is leeds born n bred arsenal? they shud b so lucky 2) hes on the verge of signing a new contract and 3) we are not nuthings we are going thru a bad patch is all and dont you worry about it listen 2 waht alan sed WE WILL B BAK! and btw at the end of the day we'll still b leeds fans even if we did go down we'd be behind them 100 percent and they'll always have fans!

Flo says: Undenieably, good looking and sexy. But he tend to lose his temper easily on the pitch. He's a player with great potential. Right now, i think he's capable of replacing Micheal Owen for international duty. But there's still room for some improvement especially his footballing skills. Let's just hope he won't get carried away with all the hype around him.

vicki says: i luv alan smith hes gorgeous he is a fab player but what is not to like bout im???????????

Ana says: me,no one can compare to Smithy.He is the sexest guy in the world.And I'll always be there,just for you.

Jessica says: Went to the Gillingham game on Tuesday but was gutted 2 find that u weren't playin, hope ya get betta soon. Luv ya loads Jessica x x x

zoe says: alan smith iz soooooooo fit and he shud stay wiv leeds they r just avin a bad time at the mo.

nat says: alan smith is a fantastic player will sexiest body ever. go alan if wantme come n get me.

Smith's no.1 fan says: Alan smith is so fit and gorg. He is also a gr8 footie player. LOVE U SMITH!!! 4EVA N EVA

Beth D says: Alan smith's girlfiend lives next door to my boyfriend! I have met him, he has taken me to matches, and i have all the teams autographs!

Ana says: If there's no sunshine in the world, Smithy will be that;If I can't walk on without hope,Smithy will give me that.

Mrs Smith says: I am Alan smiths mum, Lynne and would just like to break the news to u all that my baby boy is getting married in a few weeks. He is very happy and he hopes you all can be for him.

Neesha Noo-Noo says: Alan Smith is soooooooo fit!!! I support Leeds and am a devoted fan. Will u marry me? plz

danielle says: he is so good i love him for it

vik says: Alan Smith is the best looking footie player in the whole world. i love watching him play.

kirstie says: alan smiths very fit,hes got great skills.i have loved alan smith since he joined the club and loved leeds united since i was 5 years old.GO ALAN and go leeds.alan is 100% sexy

Emily says: According to the Smith fan site (which is definely worth a look!) Smudger is no longer seeing Laura! that means that he is free and single!

Linzi says: Alan smith is the sexiest person ive ever seen, and as a bonus he plays for my favourite team!! ive got a shirt wiv his name on the back and i wish i really was mrs.smith! i love u smithy, ure 1 in a million!

Aussie says: Is Smithy secretly an Aussie in disguise? The English side could have definately used his spark against us. He has passion and determination that seems to lack in the side at the moment - traits Aussies display constantly in the sporting arena.

Cris says: Alan Smith is themost gorge person on the planet A message to Leeds United "sell smith and you'll have a riot on yah hands" Love yah Alan xxxxxxxxx

Donna says: Alan you are so fit and georgeous, your a great player and i would do anything to meet you. I LUV U

Lilz xx says: OMG there is a word as perfect im 16 and i think taht maybe you are the most perfect guy ive ever seen.. love you as alwaysxxxx

Laura Jennings says: My name is laura i am 13 4rom leeds i think u r gorgeous i no u must get called that all the time but u r.Ur also the best footballer eva i was realli dissapointed wen sven only put u on 4 like a minute in the england match but at least u got a cap Love allways Laura

Anon says: he is still seeing laura!! hate to break it but they attended a dinner together last nite! also has anyone noticed he doesnt seem to score whilst he's scoring elsewhere?????

***Alan smiths wife 4 real*** says: Alan is the best, and he is the finest lad on this planet,and im his wife nobody else, HE'S MINE 4 EVER. You are an excellent footballer, keep it up... I love you, your my number one fan. your hair is so cooooool... from your loving wife!! :0)

Jess Copper says: Alan Smith is the best in the world

danielle says: i love you alan smith your my idol!ure so sexy and ure girlfriend is so lucky 2b with u!i go 2 every leeds match and i always support the team!i always will!

Rachel Ainsworth says: when Leeds played against Blackburn Rovers in 2002 at Ewood Park, I saw Alan Smith coming out of the door and i was waiting for his autograph and i got it. Then a man behind me askeed for his autograph and he said to Alan Smith " you shouldn't take penalties because your crap at taking them." Then Alan had the pen in his hand and threw it at him, i don't blame Alan for doing that, the other man shouldn't have said anything to him. Also when i was waiting the Leeds UTD players gave me a pack of Jaffer Cakes. I would like to tell Alan his the fittest footballer in the world.

Sammi says: i think Alan Smith is fit!

Miss Ellie says: He badly wants to be the best looking footballer in the prem......Eidur Gudohnsen!

Rachel says: Hiya eveyone, i just want you to know im Alan's GIRLFRIEND so i just wanted to tell you he is just as amazin as you say he is! He is so lucky to have fans like you. He praises you lot all the time! I am very greatful to have him with me all day and all night. He is amazing in every sence. If you understand what i am getting at. He has worked hard to be good at football and it takes up most of his time.

Lucy says: hi smithy i think u r well fit!!! keep up the gud work and the best club in the world 'SMITHY FANS EMAIL ME'

i love alan smith forever says: i came all the way from cornwall to watch alan smith play in 6 games this season and i once met him wen i was out and about in leeds and i cudnt even talk properly to him he hugged me and sed thanks for the support im his biggest fan i hav over 200 hundred posters of smithy

katie *w* says: i think alan smith is sexy!i dont support leeds but i think alan is the best player n should get put in the england 1st team!ALAN I LOVE U SO MUCH!!

SexyHolly says: Excuse me anon but Smithy is not seeing Laura Frain anymore. I got autographs after the Leeds vs Newcastle match and asked him if they'd split up and he said yeah. He sounded really gutted wen he said it though, i think he's heart broken. As much as i love smithy if he was happy with Laura then i wud have been happier(only jokin i think im gonna have a party im so happy!!!)Hope i meet him wen im out in leeds cos theres only 2 years difference between us and im a model.So im not exacly a minger. Oh and all u little girlies lusting over smithy shud get a life youve got no chance, go find sum1 your own age!

bx4smithy says: to sexy holly u r so big headed who the hell do u fink u r, yeah so ur a moodel u cud also b a complete bimbo! as if ne of us riting on this site have a chance wiv him and that includes u. by the way smithys gorge & is a gr8 footballer wot wud leeds do wiv out him!

Jimbo says: wellfirstly i fink Alan Smith is a quality stricker give him a few years he will definatly be a full time england forward. P.S. wat cool hair

claire johnson says: alan i think you are great and a good footballer and i think you are god dam sexy as well i only watch leeds and want them to win cause you play for them love ya loads and lots of kisses

Amy Hastings says: i think that Alan Smith is the best football player in leeds united and he is soo fit and i love him loads and 4eva.ALAN YOUR WELL FIT!

emma lewis says: i think that alan smith is the worlds most sexiest footballer in the world so is harry kewell and i would love it if i could have alan smiths autograph? i have harry kewells but i would love it 2 have alan smith and i have already got it but on my old shirt!

Emma says: Alan Smith is well over Laura - i seen him the ova nite with a bird with big tits, dark hair and long legs - everything Laura wasn't......, obviously not too hartbroken eh ? ? ?

Amy b says: i love alan smith and i love leeds i went to watch them play middlesbrough n i spent the whole time staring at him plus he was the only 1 putting ne effort in. i love him SO much and i hope i can meet him soon it wood make me the happiest girl alive. he is so gorgeous words cannot describe!xxxx

Donna *leedsutdrok4eva* says: Ok 'sexyholly' 1) Anon only sed she thought smudge was with laura which most of us did!! 2) because your a model alan smith will go owt with u?? i dont think so some how luv! i meen laura wasn't a model was she? 3) yeah hes really gunna go 4 the lasses hu r like ohhhhhhh can i have your autograph and being all fan obsessed like (im tlkin about u btw) and 4)U are the one on a internet msg board confessing your undying love for a proffessional footballer 2 years older then yourself if you ask me (or anyone else for that matter) your the sad one i meen do you not have a life? or is dreaming about a footballer and beng bitchy on the interenet your life? if so Alan aint gunna be too impressed! so leave it out cos 2 b honest from the impression your giving me you havnt a chance neither! bye now!!!

alan smiths real girlfriend, the yorkshire lass! says: did any of you see him against hapoel tel aviv ? i could have fainted when he took his top off

oki says: PURE LEEDS HEROES TODAY AND TO BE COME.. long time ago i loved ROBERTO BAGGIO and now i love ALAN SMITH..dont know why...

leedzchick says: what can i say??? SMITHY u r 1 hell ov a fit lad 2 say the least...i luv ya 2 pieces ur my Baby n always will b. Rothwell 4eva luv ye x x x

cris says: oooo a model eh holly well alans last gf wasnt exactly an oil painting so maybe he dnt go for that sorta look so im afraid ur the 1 with no chance!!!! luv yah alan

kayleigh smith says: Alan smith is the sexiest lookin lad we have ever seen.we would like to be his little sister's and we would kiss him every day. ALAN SMITH WE LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s i am buying a shirt wi ure name on the back. lotslots lots lots lots of love lois eteridge and kayleigh smith xxx WE LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse-Lee says: Hoh!Talk about cheek "SEXY HOLLY" Leave the kids alone let them fantasise! Yea rite like you have a chance with him BIMBO!!!!Ha you wish!

smiths no1 girrly says: smithy your the best in da world an its just da best fing dat ur at LEEDS UNITED lovin ya always or at least until the world stops going round keep it up babe! xxx oh an u model dont think to much of yourself every1 as got a chance cos i bet your just some slly little minger who gets bullied an as spots frizzy hair an da lot an dis is your fantasy thinkin alan smith wants u an puttin others down! lovin u always alan!

sarah . a says: i sopport leeds and alan is 1 of my fav players alan is so fit and sexy

amy says: i think Alan smithis fit

xoxvonxox says: i was at the liverpool match wen alan 1st played at senior level 4 leeds and since then i've been completly in love with him....hes sooooooo fit....he has the best legs and bum in football....much nicer than beckam....p.s plz don't go 2 liverpool....ur leeds' best player and we'll go down wiv out u!!!!! xxx

Hayley Smith says: alan smith is MINE !!!!!!!!!!!

sammy says: alan smith is bloody gorgous hes a 1 in a million i would have 2 b the most right 1 4 him and oh yea he is a good footballer wiv them thighs wayhay hes soooooooooooooooo fit

keeley says: Smithy, i think you're deadly! so glad we got at least 1 superstar player left at Leeds after wot's gone on! but if ya do go to division 1, at least i'll get to see ya play against my local team...Rotherham Utd he he he!

Rose says: I wonder where the idea that girls know nowt about football comes from! Jesus girls, come on. I feel like the only Leeds woman who actually likes the sport! This site is testimony to the 'girls on like football for the blokes' argument. Shame on you.

sarah c says: i do like him but he shows off some times he is a very good player and i hav esaw them

jennifer carlos says: alan smith your like the hottest footballer there is on earth but u've gotta remember that ,that wont win u the game u got to try a little harder i mean i saw a recent match when u were up against liverpool there were so many bad acts that u performed like when some one from liverpool got the ball and you throught (hey what the heck his got the ball now why should i go and get the ball of him lets just walk away now) i mean i thought u out of all players would never do that but no i was wrong what a shame u brought to your fans! but i still luv ya just try harder.

emma paxman says: alan smith is sooo fit i need to see him but if i do i will burstinto tears with happiness he is drop dead gorgeus.

Laura says: I think you are the best football player in the world! xxx

kirstie says: i think alan smith is so fit and 1 of da best footy players around! im his numba 1 fan!sven is so stoopid for not piking him for the england squad! will you marry me alan? I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!keep up the gud work

hanna says: its da england vs turkey match 2nite and i wud jst like 2 say that sven shud of dropped hesky from the squad and played amith instead now his suspension is up cos we need sum1 brill out there wif michael owen and they dont come much beta than smithy! luv ya loads. xxxxx

i love Alan Smith says: Alan Smith is the best footie player ever i love him so much i watch every game and have all da strips so wat if he is aggressive every1 is wen they get wound up cat doesnt mean 2 say he aint a good footie player and the nicest!!!!

smitty's babe says: i met smithy and he's even sexier in real life than on the tv! He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fit

Laura says: I have read all your messages and i think you are all sad for asking him to marry you! How many of you have met him? Neways I do still agree with you all that he is bloody fine and I will love him with you! But if Smithy does eva read these will you answer this! Are you single!?

rachel says: my mom fancies Smithy

Clare says: I would like to say(like the most of you)Alan Smith is mighty fine.I have met him and i would like to say he has a bloody fit ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

xLOUISE89x says: hi itz xLOUISE89x dats my name on habbo hotel. on it i hav 3 rooms dedicated 2 smithy n i |ove him so much. xxxxxx

Dominic Ingham says: Alan Smith is my favourite player who plays for leeds united and he knows me.i am only 7 years old and my name is dominic.alan gave me a signesd photo.i want to play for leeds utd one day.

Jools says: DONNA - love your comments girl !! Alan smith is th most beautiful person ever - both insdide and out. Keep up the good work.

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