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LUFCTALK Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Like almost every other website, LUFCTALK.COM employs the use of cookies to function and enhance its capabilities. Cookies are essentially small text files that your browser temporarily stores on your computer. They only store anonymous and generic data related to the way in which you use a particular website. There are two types of cookies that we use:

LUFCTALK-generated cookies are essential for the functionality of the website and forum in particular, allowing the users to log in, post to the forum and access sections addressed specifically to registered users. Third-party cookies are useful in assessing statistical data about our visitors, the most popular pages within the websites, and the kind of devices and browser settings that they use, allowing us to customise the site's look and feel to best deliver the content to them. Some of them also help deliver Google-generated advertisements in certain sections of the site.

What cookies does LUFCTALK use?

LUFCTALK cookies
[bb_name], [bb_password], [PHPSESSID] - Session cookies used to differentiate users, enable registered users to log in and access specific content. They store the user's chosen username for the forum, and random sequences of strings that identify the user to the scripts. No user passwords are stored in any clear-text or recognisable form.
[LUFCTALKCookies] - Used to determine whether the cookie notification should be displayed at the top of the screen. Stores the date on which the notification was first displayed.

Third-party cookies
[__utma], [__utmb], [__utmc], [__utmz] - Cookies generated by external Google scripts which track generic visiting data and deliver advertisements on the website.
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