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Re: Greatest Sports Stars

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Barlow Boy wrote:
johnh wrote:Can't believe I forgot this one, probably my favourite sporting memory. I was invited to play golf by Ford Motor Co. We played at The London Club which is in Kent not far from Brands Hatch. We were a fourball. Two guys from Ford, the London Club pro George Will and me. After the game, one of the Ford guys came over and said they had to return to their Head Office for an urgent meeting. He suggested I have my shower and go to the main bar. He said someone will be there to look after you. I got to the bar and it was completely empty except for one guy. He looked up and said 'are you John Henesy'? I said 'yes' and walked over to shake hands with Henry Cooper. I then remembered that The London Club is his home club. I sat with him for an hour and a half talking boxing. No one else came in during that time, just the two of us and he wouldn't let me buy him a drink. I wish I had a tape recording of the meeting. One of the things he told me was that the heaviest weight he ever fought at was thirteen stone ten pounds. That was in the heavyweight division. When you think about the weights these days 18-20 stone!
I remember one story he told me about when he travelled through London in his manager's Rolls Royce. Jim Wicks, his manager, was driving and Henry and his twin brother (also a boxer) George were in the back. Henry said the roads were very busy and at one stage Jim Wicks 'cut up' a London Black Cab. The cabbie blocked them in, jumped out of his cab and started having a go at Jim Wicks. Henry said he got out to calm things down. The cabby (all five feet eight inches of him) obviously didn't recognise Henry
and looking at Henry and then at George in the back of the car said 'you're only brave coz there's two of you.'
Yet another great little story Sir John :thumbup:

100% agree!
Talking to Henry Cooper with no-one else around would never happen these days.
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Re: Greatest Sports Stars

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Cracking story John :thumbup:
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