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Re: Please read

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West beach white wrote: 30 Aug 2022, 09:09 Is this forum fully closing down ? If so when ?
For the time being I guess I’ll be jumping between both.

Farewell talk hello chat ;-/
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Re: Please read

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Sad that it had to come down to this.
This forum wasn't perfect, but it really was a home for me as a leeds supporter.
Not that it really matters on what platform we discuss, the important component here is the people obviously, but anything from the theme, the layout, the UI - all imperfect but i will still miss it in a way.
I also feel sad for the fact to throw away my rank and start all over. I started as Brian McDermott's optician and climbed the ranks to achieve the highly respected position as Simon Grayson's hair dresser! All my work for nothing!

Anyway, I registered to the new forum and would love to help setting things up of needed.

Farewell :wave:
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Re: Please read

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Hello. Not sure what is happening but the new site seems to have disappeared into the ether. Hope it's a temporary failure.

Perhaps try a thicker rubber band? :lol:
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Re: Please read

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I wonder if Jesse Marsch cut the feed....
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