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Leeds United Club 200

Leeds United 200 appearances players club LUFCtalk's Club 200 honours the Leeds United players that have made over 200 appearances in their career at the club. The list of 70 players is mainly comprised of Revie-era legends but, while an increasingly rare feat to achieve in modern football, you will also find players from the past two decades who have spent most of their career with Leeds United.

Scroll through the list and click on each player to see his stats with the club, as well as some memories shared by our forum's members.

Jack Charlton 772

Jack Charlton
May 1952 - May 1973
772 appearances
95 goals

Jabba says: "A one club man - and a one man awkward squad. That was Jack Charlton - big brother of Bobby and one of the greatest central defenders to have played the game. Early on in his career, his firmly held opinions and attitude did not make for a good relationship with the management, but under Don Revie he blossomed. He finally won international recognition in 1965, going on to be a crucial part of the 1966 World Cup-winning team and picking up a total of 35 caps and the 1967 Footballer of the Year award."

Billy Bremner 771

Billy Bremner
Dec 1959 - Sep 1976
771 appearances
115 goals

Sheepy says: "I was never lucky enough to see Billy Bremner play for Leeds United, I did however see him play in a charity match where a few of the 1987/88 squad turned out with him and Peter Mumby. There was some great banter and I remember Billy was quite a wind up merchant with the players. He also scored a cracking goal when he hit the ball from the edge of the area and it hit the top corner of the goal off a post. He signed my programme afterwards and was really friendly. A true gent and a Leeds legend."

Paul Reaney 745

Paul Reaney
Sep 1962 - Jun 1978
745 appearances
9 goals

RamseyWhite says: "Played at right back, very hard tackling & ferocious player. George Best hated playing against Leeds when Reaney was in the team because he never got a kick of the ball but was definitely kicked a fair few times by Reaney! Can be seen staggering around the hospitality suite in the West Stand half cut at most home games. For the Liverpool Carling Cup tie he appeared just before the start & had most of us in the West Stand join him in the singing of MOT."

Norman Hunter 724

Norman Hunter
Apr 1961 - Oct 1976
724 appearances
21 goals

RamseyWhite says: "Played at left half, people have said he could only use his cultured left foot & his right was only for standing on. This was a fallacy, he just preferred his left & I remember him scoring a fantastic 25 yarder with his right foot against Sheffield Wednesday. Fondly & rightly described as Norman ‘Bite Your Legs’ for his very aggressive tackling, he was nether the less respected by his fellow pro’s who voted him player of the year. I remember a postponed cup tie at Sunderland when Norman was standing outside the player’s bus munching on an apple. He was saying he was very disappointed that the match had been called off because he was certain Leeds would have won the match. That’s how confident the players were in those days."

Paul Madeley 724

Paul Madeley
May 1962 - Nov 1980
724 appearances
34 goals

RamseyWhite says: "It was a privilege to see Paul Madely play for Leeds, a quiet unsung hero who played in every outfield position for Leeds & I honestly cannot remember him having a bad game. His unique ability enabled him to switch positions during a match when the occasion arose & he would immediately slot into his new role. I frequently shopped at his brothers DIY outlet in Harrogate & I remember one occasion when I was there, I actually bumped into Paul & his brother. At this time I was in awe of the Revie team but managed to splutter out some sort of greeting to Paul, 10 mins later I was still chatting to Paul, he was so down to earth & I immediately felt at ease talking to him. He was such a nice guy & was more than happy to spend some of his time talking to a complete stranger about football. Unfortunately his brother did not offer me any discount on my purchase!"

Peter Lorimer 616

Peter Lorimer
May 1962 - Dec 1985
616 appearances
219 goals

Sheepy says: "My best memory of Peter Lorimer is not one of him in a Leeds United shirt. When I was a kid I used to watch Sunday football at the local park and one morning whilst watching the football a bloke noticed I was wearing a Leeds United shirt (blue and yellow 1987 away shirt!). He told that their number 10 was Peter Lorimer. I did not believe him at first but sure enough it was him. This was confirmed to me when he scored from almost the halfway line. What a goal! and what a player. I was recently lucky enough to meet him in his pub in Holbeck, he is a nice chap and friendly, it was an honour to be in his company."

Eddie Gray 577

Eddie Gray
Jan 1965 - Jun 1984
577 appearances
68 goals

RamseyWhite says: "Standing behind the goal in the Scratching Shed I remember this teenage winger take a shot from well outside the box. The ball swerved wickedly & nestled in the top corner of the net. A fantastic goal scored by Eddie Gray at the tender age of 18. Unfortunately he was injury prone & many opposition full backs would exploit this weakness by persistent fouling. His injuries also appeared to coincide with the big games where his presence was greatly missed & could have been a contributing factor in our failure to secure more trophies. In their wisdom the fans concocted a song about Eddie - "Hes here, hes there, hes never fit to play, Eddie Gray, Eddie Gray". At his very best Eddie Gray was as good as any winger in this country & who can forget that goal he scored against Burnley at home when he dribbled past numerous defenders. Despite all his injuries he still played around 450 games for Leeds & never played for any other club. A one club man, I doubt if there is a more loyal ex-player to our club than Eddie Gray. I see him most home games when he passes me to take up his commentary position for Yorkshire Radio & he always takes time to have a quick chat with the fans."

Stockport White says: "My all time favourite player is Eddie Gray. I have met him a few times and he is a fantastic bloke and we invited him to be the president of the Stockport Whites RMC. My first meeting goes back to 1971 when I was 6. My parents allowed me to go to ER in the school holidays to collect autographs when the players arrived for training. The autograph I really wanted was Eddies. I saw his car pull up and nervously approached him, after signing a few others he saw this shy kid in flares and star jumper holding up a tartan book for signing. He took my last, Eddie Gray was signing MY book!!....then he shook his head, looked at me and said "Yer pens nae working sonny" handed back the book and pen and walked off!!! I forgave him."

Gary Kelly 531

Gary Kelly
Sep 1991 - Jun 2007
531 appearances
4 goals

The only non-Revie era player in the Top 10 all-time apps list. That stat speaks for itself.

Johnny Giles 525

Johnny Giles
Aug 1963 - Jun 1975
525 appearances
114 goals

Gary Sprake 506

Gary Sprake
May 1962 - Oct 1973
506 appearances
0 goals

Trevor Cherry 484

Trevor Cherry
Jun 1972 - Dec 1982
484 appearances
31 goals

RamseyWhite says: "Played predominately at left back but could play in other defensive roles. Underrated & not well liked by some because of his Huddersfield connection. He was also unfairly compared with Terry Cooper. Not as flamboyant or adventurous as Cooper, Cherry was however a very solid & reliable full back who was good going forward & scored some important goals for Leeds."



Grenville Hair 474

Grenville Hair
Nov 1948 - May 1964
474 appearances
2 goals

RamseyWhite says: "I only saw him play a handful of games before he left to manage Bradford City. He played at left back & was replaced by Willie Bell. Unusually, Grenville Hair only ever played for Leeds United & made nearly 500 appearances for the club in a career spanning 16 years. He was just starting to build a useful looking side at Bradford City when sadly he died of a heart attack aged only 36."


Ernie Hart 472

Ernie Hart
Sep 1920 - Aug 1936
472 appearances
15 goals

Jabba says: "Ernie Hart was signed for Leeds in 1920, and over the next 16 years became known as one of the best centre halves in the country. As well as picking up 8 England caps, Hart represented the Football League twice and was only sent off once in his career. After Leeds, he briefly played for Mansfield, managed Tonbridge Wells in the amateur/semi-pro ranks and scouted for both Coventry and Leeds before his untimely death in 1954 at the age of 52."

David Harvey 446

David Harvey
Feb 1965 - Jan 1985
446 appearances
0 goals

Willis Edwards 444

Willis Edwards
Mar 1925 - Jun 1943
444 appearances
6 goals

Jimmy Dunn 442

Jimmy Dunn
Jun 1947 - Jul 1959
442 appearances
0 goals

Jabba says: "Leeds beat off a host of clubs to sign Jimmy Dunn from Scottish junior football after World War 2, and he was to be a fixture in Leeds sides for more than 10 years. He only scored one goal in his time at Leeds - against Blackburn in 1950 - but he was widely respected for his defensive abilities and thought unlucky not to win a Scottish cap. He moved on to Darlington but lasted less than a season there before a knee injury ended his playing career."

John Lukic 430

John Lukic
Dec 1978 - Jul 1996
430 appearances
0 goals

Jack Milburn 408

Jack Milburn
Nov 1928 - Feb 1939
408 appearances
30 goals


Jabba says: "Jack Milburn was one of three brothers to play for Leeds in the years up to and through the Second World War, but Jack (christened John, and cousin of Newcastles "Wor Jackie") had the longest career at Leeds. A right back who also appeared on the left, he was known for his powerful place kicks, scoring 9 penalties in one season. He had moved on to Norwich just before the outbreak of war, but returned to the North to guest for Bradford and Darlington as well as playing once again for Leeds in the leagues that operated throughout the hostilities. He was on the fringes of international recognition, but the closest he got was a European tour in 1934. After the war he moved on to Bradford, for whom he was player-manager. He died in Leeds in 1979."


Frank Gray 405

Frank Gray
Nov 1971 - Jul 1985
405 appearances
35 goals

Jabba says: "It can not have been easy for Frank Gray to live in the shadow of his brother, but since he ended up with more caps and a European Cup Winners medal, it did not turn out that bad for him in the end. With Eddie well know, many clubs were competing for Franks signature when he turned professional in 1971, but he chose Leeds and nearly matched his brothers feat by scoring on his full debut (he had previously appeared as a sub). Playing at left back and in midfield he was a useful utility player and established himself as Scotlands left-back for the 1982 World Cup. He returned to Leeds after his stint at Forest, and played under his brothers management before seeking a final break from Leeds and moving up to the north-east where he helped Sunderland gain promotion from Division 3."

David Batty 382

David Batty
Aug 1987 - Jun 2004
382 appearances
4 goals

Sheepy says: "David Batty was my hero when I was growing up, as a young impressionable Leeds fan David Batty was everything you wanted in a player, he was tough, passionate and a Leeds lad, he even wore the number 4 shirt (although initially it was number 7, then 8 and finally 23). I recall his debut against Swindon Town and almost taking someones head off when he went into a tackle rather high, I am proud to say I have seen every goal he has scored at Elland Road - they are few and far between!"

RamseyWhite says: "Billy Bremner was my all time favorite player so when David Batty came on the scene I saw a Leeds player who is still probably the only one who has ever come close to matching the attributes of our Billy. I have many fond memories of Batty. He was a quite an unassuming character who preferred to do the simple pass & keep control of possession but no one should ever underestimate the significant impact he could have on games. The one game I will always remember is when Blackburn with Allan Shearer came to ER on Oct 23 1993, after only half an hour our midfield & defence had capitulated & we were 3-0 down thanks to hat trick from Shearer. It was a different story in the second half, David Batty came off the bench & McAllister was pushed further forward. Our midfield took control & there was no further threat from Shearer, we eventually managed to draw the game 3-3 but without the Batty influence we would have most definitely lost that game."

Allan Clarke 364

Allan Clarke
Jul 1969 - Jun 1978
364 appearances
151 goals

RamseyWhite says: "Clarke & Jones one of the best goal scoring partnerships in Leeds history. Mick Jones was the battering ram & Allan Clarke used to feed off the scraps. Originally from the Midlands he is so dedicated to Leeds you would think he was actually from our City. Often gives a pre match talk in the Pavilion & like many ex players does his corporate entertaining. I was in the pavilion once when Alan was giving a talk & at one point he made a reference to MU but he actually called them scum which for me was true testament to the man’s allegiance to Leeds United. The other thing about ‘Sniffer’ is that he does not appeared to have aged, he is now 63 but I swear he looks no different to when he was playing."

Terry Cooper 350

Terry Cooper
May 1961 - Mar 1975
350 appearances
11 goals

Eric Kerfoot 349

Eric Kerfoot
Dec 1949 - Jul 1959
349 appearances
10 goals

Jabba says: "Signed from non-league Stalybridge Celtic for £3,000 at the comparatively late age of 25, Eric Kerfoot was one of the best buys the club ever made. An excellent and enterprising wing-half, Kerfoot was a key part of the side that won promotion to Division 1 in 1956 having captained the side in 1954-55. When he eventually moved on to Chesterfield, they had a less than successful season and he was released at the end of the year. He died in 1980."

John Charles 327

John Charles
Dec 1947 - Oct 1962
327 appearances
157 goals

Mick Jones 312

Mick Jones
Sep 1967 - Oct 1975
312 appearances
111 goals

Gary Speed 311

Gary Speed
Jun 1988 - Jul 1996
311 appearances
57 goals

Gary McAllister 294

Gary McAllister
Jul 1990 - Jul 1996
294 appearances
45 goals

Ian Harte 288

Ian Harte
Jan 1995 - Jan 2005
288 appearances
39 goals

Nigel Martyn 273

Nigel Martyn
Jul 1996 - Sep 2003
273 appearances
0 goals

Deebo says: "I met Nigel one summer when his daughter attended a holiday camp where I worked. I pushed a gang of children out of the way to get his autograph, and said to him that Leeds should never have sold him. He looked at me sadly and nodded his head saying, I know. How different might things have been if we had kept him in goal? Everton credit staying up to Nigel the following season. Sigh. The only non-Revie era player to make the Greatest x11. Speaks for itself."

Mervyn Day 268

Mervyn Day
Jan 1985 - Jul 1993
268 appearances
0 goals

Sheepy says: "Merve the swerve - a player who was always described as a veteran whilst at the club but somewhat turned back the years and gave us a very good service indeed. I remember getting his autograph in 1987 after Coventry had beaten us in the FA Cup semi-final 3-2 (the team had just returned to Elland Road on the coach), most of the players were understandably subdued but he still was there to sign stuff for the fans - a decent guy and good keeper."

RamseyWhite says: "Mervyn Day was one of Leeds Uniteds most reliable goal keepers. He produced solid performances week in week out & hardly ever had a bad game. His commendable Leeds United service was ended prematurely in my opinion by the re-signing of John Lukic. He went on to play 16 games for Carlisle United before retiring & taking over as manager. In his first season he led them to promotion into Div 2 & was handily placed for another promotion when that idiotic bafoon, Michael Knighton sacked him after an argument."

John Sheridan 267

John Sheridan
Mar 1982 - Aug 1989
267 appearances
52 goals

Stuart Dallas 266

Stuart Dallas
Aug 2015 - May 2022
266 appearances
28 goals

The "Cookstown Cafu" as he is affectionately know by Leeds fans, Dallas is one of three current players at over 200 appearances for the club!

Stuart Dallas (born 19 April 1991) is a Northern Irish professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Leeds United and the Northern Ireland national team. A versatile player, most of his career appearances have been as a winger but in recent seasons he has played more often in midfield and at full-back. He was a key part of the Leeds United team under Marcelo Bielsa that won the 2019-20 EFL Championship and promotion to the premier league.  Since 2015 Dallas has become a regular for Northern Ireland, earning 45 caps and played at UEFA Euro 2016." - from Wikipedia


Lee Bowyer 265

Lee Bowyer
Jul 1996 - Jan 2003
265 appearances
55 goals

Jimmy Potts 262

Jimmy Potts
Feb 1926 - May 1934
262 appearances
0 goals

Jabba says: "Jimmy Potts was a truly excellent keeper who saw Leeds get relegated and promoted in his first two seasons with the club. He was first choice keeper for nearly 8 years before being replaced by Stan Moore. Coming from Ashington, it is almost inevitable that there would be connected with the Milburn/Charlton clan, and sure enough he was the brother-in-law of the 3 Milburn boys who enjoyed such a long association with Leeds."

Lucas Radebe 262

Lucas Radebe
Sep 1994 - Jun 2005
262 appearances
3 goals

Willie Bell 260

Willie Bell
Jul 1960 - Sep 1967
260 appearances
18 goals

RamseyWhite says: "Revie shrewdly converted the Scot from half back to a hard tackling left back in the early 60’s. Although not particularly good going forward he was a competent, reliable defender & hard as nails. An underrated player who failed to get the recognition that the likes of Charlton, Hunter & Reaney enjoyed. Surprisingly for such a hard case, when he finished with football he turned to Religion & became very active in the Church."


Arthur Graham 260

Arthur Graham
Jul 1977 - Aug 1983
260 appearances
47 goals

Jabba says: "Arthur Graham signed for Leeds after 8 solid - but largely unrewarded - years with Aberdeen and proceeded to establish himself as a firm favorite with the Leeds fans and finally received his full international cap after several Youth and U-23 appearances for Scotland. An excellent attacking winger, he created and scored many goals for Leeds in his 6 years at Elland Road, including three hat-tricks against Birmingham, Valetta and Wolves. With the team showing no signs of escaping from Division 2, Graham moved over the Pennines to Old Trafford, where he enjoyed two reasonable seasons before moving on to Bradford City. He did some coaching with the club and was caretaker manager for a month in 1989."

Bill Menzies 260

Bill Menzies
Mar 1922 - May 1932
260 appearances
2 goals

Jabba says: "Bill Menzies was signed as a raw 21-year-old from Scotland but became a Leeds man through and through. He became the first choice left-back as Leeds won promotion to Division 1 for the first time, using his pace and ball sense to outwit the oppositions front line. After leaving Leeds, he briefly played non-league football and became involved with coaching for the county FA."

Tommy Burden 259

Tommy Burden
Jul 1948 - Oct 1954
259 appearances
13 goals

Jabba says: "Tommy Burden had played for Major Frank Buckley at Wolves during the war, and the two were reunited at Leeds as Buckley started to rebuild the side that had been relegated to Division 2. He was wounded in the D-Day landings, but that did not affect his long-term fitness and he was team captain for 4 seasons, making over 250 appearances for Leeds. He died at home in Taunton in late 2001."

Tom Cochrane 259

Tom Cochrane
Aug 1928 - Oct 1936
259 appearances
27 goals

Jabba says: "Picked up from the north-east leagues by Dick Ray, Cochrane was a high class winger who made many goals for his team-mates - Charlie Keetley, Billy Furness and Russell Wainscoat being the attacking force of the time. In his first couple of years with the club, Cochrane found himself sharing his position with the popular Tom Mitchell, but the number 11 shirt was his own by the time Leeds finally won promotion back to Division 1 in 1932. He died in the north-east in 1976."

Billy Furness 257

Billy Furness
Aug 1928 - Jun 1937
257 appearances
66 goals

Jabba says: "Another discovery from the non-league sides of the north-east, Billy Furness was a popular player who scored and made many goals for Leeds in the early 1930s. He picked up an England cap against Italy in 1933 and was a first team regular until his move to Norwich in 1937. He returned to Norwich after the war for a few games before ending his playing career and spending some time there as coach."

Rod Wallace 256

Rod Wallace
Jul 1991 - Jul 1998
256 appearances
66 goals

David Wetherall 250

David Wetherall
Jul 1991 - Jul 1999
250 appearances
18 goals

Aubrey Powell 247

Aubrey Powell
Nov 1935 - Jun 1948
247 appearances
63 goals

"Powell started as an amateur with Cwm Wanderers and had moved on to Swansea Town but was still on amateur forms when spotted by the Leeds United scouts and they signed him in November 1935. He made an immediate impact on his debut, a year later, but just three months after making the first team in only his eleventh League appearance and twelfth match overall, he sustained a broken leg in United's game at Preston North End on 20th March 1937. The injury was so severe that he was written off by the doctors and told he would never play again. It took eighteen months, but he battled back and formed a highly effective partnership with David Cochrane until the outbreak of war. When the Second World War caused the Football League fixtures to be suspended he had scored six goals in thirty-nine League appearances. He served with the East Yorkshire Regiment during the War Years but he was second only to Gerry Henry in the number of games played for the club by an individual player. He played one hundred and twenty-three times in League games and scored thirty-seven goals and scored one goal in three appearances in the War Cup for Leeds in wartime games.

Powell had been one of United's few bright spots in their relegation year of 1946-47, when they had broken many records for all the wrong reasons, but he scored nine goals in thirty-four League games. He again shone like a beacon in the 1947-48 season as United narrowly avoided relegation into the Third Division and scored ten times in missing just three League games. New Manager Major Buckley needed money to wheel and deal on the transfer market and so hard-up Leeds sold him to Everton for £10,000 in June 1948, which was the Goodison club's record fee at that time. " 


Liam Cooper 245

Liam Cooper
Aug 2014 - May 2022
245 appearances
9 goals

Super-Duper Liam Cooper! One of three current players at over 200 appearances for the club! The last player to hit this milestone previously was Luciano Becchio. 

We will keep updating this as we go!


Neil Aspin 244

Neil Aspin
Aug 1981 - Jul 1989
244 appearances
6 goals

Gordan Strachan 244

Gordan Strachan
Mar 1989 - Mar 1995
244 appearances
45 goals

Sheepy says: "Strachs was the player who seemed to be the catalyst in our return to the top flight back in the late 80s, early 90s. I recall that goal he scored against Leicester City, just thinking about it makes the hairs on the back of my kneck stand up! Have you ever seen a better goal, have you ever seen one better timed? John Helms words of wisdom will never leave me!"

Harry Kewell 242

Harry Kewell
Dec 1995 - Jul 2003
242 appearances
63 goals

Chris Fairclough 240

Chris Fairclough
Mar 1989 - Jul 1995
240 appearances
23 goals

Sheepy says: "Chris Fairclough was probably the first defender I ever saw defend with such ease and style in my time as a supporter. Before Fairclough, I was used to the likes of David Rennie, Jack Ashurst and Peter Swan. Fairclough came into the side and gave us pace at the back and control. He was probably one of the most under-rated and under-praised players in Wilkos team. My fondest memory of him was man-marking John Barnes when we beat Liverpool 1-0 the season we won the championship. Not many players could keep Barnes in their pocket, but Fairclough did, and with ease."

Kalvin Phillips 234

Kalvin Phillips
Jul 2014 - May 2022
234 appearances
14 goals

Phillips - The Yorkshire Pirlo! 

One of four current players at over 200 appearances for the club!

Gerry Henry 233

Gerry Henry
Oct 1937 - Nov 1947
233 appearances
99 goals
Henry played for Yorkshire Schools in 1934 and went on to join Leeds United as a seventeen year old from local junior side Outwood Stormcocks. Henry made a couple of appearances for Leeds United before World War II interrupted his professional football career.
Henry continued playing for the Leeds United throughout the war in the Wartime League. He played 168 times in Wartime League games, scoring an impressive 93 goals, and scored 1 goal in 3 appearances in the Football League War Cup for Leeds. Henry holds the record for most wartime appearances for the club by an individual player. Wartime appearances and goals are typically not acknowledged as counting for career goals and appearance. Henry is one of only around 70 players that have made over 200 appearances for Leeds United if his wartime games are taken into account.

Alan Smith 228

Alan Smith
Jan 1997 - Jan 2004
228 appearances
56 goals

Harold Williams 228

Harold Williams
Jan 1949 - Jan 1957
228 appearances
35 goals

Thirkers says: "Harold Williams first came to the attention of Leeds United when he roasted United in an FA Cup-tie as a Newport County player. The Welsh minnows pulled off a shock 3-1 win, inspired by Williams who had been up in the early hours of the day to complete his milk round before travelling to Leeds. As a boy he was rejected by Swansea after trials, but he made wartime guest appearances for Belfast Celtic and Cliftonville. When he was demobbed from the Royal Navy, where he served on destroyers, he signed for Briton Ferry Athletic and then joined Newport in November 1946. Major Buckley paid £12,000 for him in July 1949. The winger with the size five and a half boots could dribble with either foot and was therefore employed on either wing. He already had two Welsh International caps when he joined Leeds and added a couple more during his stay at Elland Road. He fought back from a broken leg sustained in a game against Everton in 1952 to reclaim his first-team place. In March 1957 he returned to Newport, but left Somerton Park after only three months to join Bradford where his career ended after a succession of injuries. He moved into the licensed trade, running the Railway Inn public house at Beeston, near Elland Road, and The Griffin Head in Gildersome before retiring in 1986. Harold is still in excellent health and lives in Morley, Leeds.

David Saffer says: (from his book: “Leeds Legends”) “Harold Williams caused havoc for defenders with his tricky wing play as Leeds United developed from an ordinary side to one consistent enough to win promotion back to the first division. A wonderful talent, Williams was one of the most dangerous players to represent Leeds who could be a genuine threat from both flanks. Williams returned from injury on the first day of the 1953-54 season. All sorts of records were broken as John Charles scored a club-record 42 league goals. Williams assisted in many of the gentle giant’s goals and notched 7 himself including strikes in Leeds’ 6-0 win against Notts County and 7-1 victory against Leicester City.”

Russell Wainscoat 226

Russell Wainscoat
Jan 1925 - Jan 1931
226 appearances
93 goals

Jabba says: "Powerful inside-left who scored a hat-trick on his league debut for Barnsley and managed two hat-tricks while he was with Leeds. He became a regular at Elland Road and was a popular figure with the fans in his six years with the club. He picked up his only cap in 1929 in Englands 0-1 defeat by the Scots in Glasgow in a match decided just two minutes from time by a goal scored direct from a corner. Wainscoat left Leeds for Hull in 1931 and helped them to the Division 3 North title two years later. He died at the age of 69."

Jonny Howson 225

Jonny Howson
Aug 2006 - Jan 2012
225 appearances
28 goals

Deebo says: "Jonny Howson came through the prolific Leeds United Academy, and made his first team debut in September 2006. Just over six months later, in April 2009, Howson became youngest player to captain the club since Billy Bremner. His memorable goals against Carlise propelled Leeds into the 2008 play-off final, and Howson swept the young player of the year awards. He was sold to Norwich City in January 2012, much to Leeds supporters disgust. His sale prompted wide-spread criticism, as the popular player and club captain was felt by many to be one of the clubs best assets. Despite the controversy of his departure, Howson is highly regarded for his commitment and passion while he was at the club, and will be remembered fondly by Leeds supporters."

Paul Hart 223

Paul Hart
Jan 1978 - Jan 1983
223 appearances
20 goals

Luciano Becchio 221

Luciano Becchio
Jul 2008 - Jan 2013
221 appearances
87 goals

Deebo says: "Becchio will go down in Leeds lore as a true legend. He saw us through the desperate days of League 1 and was a regular goal scorer at the club, despite some criticism from certain fans as being too one-dimensional a player. The bitter pill to swallow on his departure was yet another Leeds player departing to Norwich City. Either the club only had one scout permanently sitting in the car park at Thorpe Arch, or the club cannot see past the team it pipped to automatic promotion back in League One as its benchmark. Becchio was a bright spark during some dark days at Leeds United. It was truly a shame to see him go."

Joe Jordan 220

Joe Jordan
Jan 1970 - Jan 1978
220 appearances
48 goals

Jim Milburn 220

Jim Milburn
Jan 1936 - Jan 1952
220 appearances
17 goals

Jabba says: "The youngest of the three Milburn brothers who played for Leeds, Jim started his career with Ashington, and did not get a match for three years after he signed for Leeds. When he did, it was the last game before war broke out and although he made a large number of wartime appearances for the club when he was home from active service, it was not until the resumption of normal football - nearly 10 years after he signed for Leeds - that Jim found himself in the side regularly. He took on the mantle of penalty taker from brother Jack and was even used as a centre-forward towards the end of his time at Leeds (this was before they had realised that John Charles might be quite useful in that position). He went on to enjoy three good seasons with Bradford Park Avenue before retiring from the professional game in 1955. He died in 1985."

Luke Ayling 220

Luke Ayling
Aug 2016 - May 2022
220 appearances
8 goals

Bill is one of three current players on over 200 apps!

Bobby Turnbull 215

Bobby Turnbull
Jan 1925 - Jan 1932
215 appearances
46 goals

Jabba says: "After seven productive and successful years with Bradford Park Avenue, Bobby Turnbull took on a new challenge with Leeds at the age of 29. He proved to be a sensation - scoring plenty of goals and creating many more in 6 years at Elland Road. His only cap came against Northern Ireland while he was with Bradford in 1920, and with the skills he had at his disposal, it is hard to see why he was not picked more often. He played professional football to the age of 37, before returning to his native north-east."

Albert Duffield 211

Albert Duffield
Jan 1920 - Jan 1925
211 appearances
0 goals

Jabba says: "A solid and reliable right back, Bert Duffield joined Leeds for the first full season in the league and became a firm fixture in the side. He had a 3-year spell at Bradford after leaving Leeds, but didnt maintain his connection with the game after his retirement when he bought a poultry farm at Rawcliffe near Goole."

Wilf Copping 211

Wilf Copping
Mar 1929 - Mar 1942
211 appearances
4 goals

Deebo says: "Wilf Copping deserves to be long remembered by supporters of both Leeds United and Arsenal. Voted into the Football League 100 Legends in 1998, he played over 200 games for both clubs. He won 20 England caps. He also won two league championships, 2 Charity Shields, and a FA Cup with the Gunners. He played for Leeds for two spells bookending this successful time, returning to Leeds as war broke out. He played 24 wartime games for Leeds, He went on to serve in North Africa, rising to the rank of Sergeant-Major. A hard man, he once said: "The first man in the tackle never gets hurt." Despite his fearsome reputation, he was never booked or sent off, a remarkable achievement."


Jim Baker 208

Jim Baker
Jan 1920 - Jan 1926
208 appearances
2 goals

Jabba says: "Jim Baker was Leeds Uniteds first captain, signed by Arthur Fairclough who had managed him at Huddersfield. Baker was a solid centre-half, better known than brother Aaron, but in the shadow of brother Alf who appeared for Arsenal and England. He was a scout for Leeds in the 1950s as well as serving on the board, and became a publican after his footballing days were over. He died on December 13 1966."

Tony Dorigo 208

Tony Dorigo
Jan 1991 - Jan 1997
208 appearances
5 goals

RamseyWhite says: "Dorigo I believe is the best left back the club has ever had, though I am sure a few Paul Madeley and Terry Cooper fans may disagree with that statement. Tony joined us from Chelsea and was an instant hit, he had pace, vision and could hit a great dead ball. My main memories of him were getting his autograph before the match at Villa Park when he was warming up, he signed every single thing that was shoved his way without any grumbles or moans, a really nice chap, We went on to win that match 4-1 infront of the ITV cameras - a great day!"

Roy Wood 203

Roy Wood
Jan 1952 - Jan 1960
203 appearances
0 goals

Jabba says: "Outstanding keeper who was a fixture for 8 years at the club. It was lucky for Leeds he decided to become a footballer, since he was an outstanding athlete and cricketer at school, and continued to play the summer game during his time with Leeds. Retired at the comparatively young age of 28 and went on to run a bookies and take a prominent role in the PFA."

Brian Deane 201

Brian Deane
Jan 1993 - Jan 2005
201 appearances
45 goals

Albert Johanneson 200

Albert Johanneson
Jan 1961 - Jan 1970
200 appearances
68 goals

RamseyWhite says: Albert Johanneson was probably the first black footballer to achieve true prominence in the English professional game. Johanneson was a left winger with explosive pace, and with a knack of scoring important goals he was an important part of the revival of Leeds United under Don Revie. Unfortunately like many skillful wingers in those days he was dogged by injuries & had to retire when he was just 32 after a successful spell at York City. I remember seeing him in a pub in Harrogate but by then his health was deteriorating as he became more dependent on alcohol. He died alone in a council flat in a Leeds tower block, aged only 55. A sorry end for a player who had earned true affection from the Leeds faithful & I can still here the chants of ‘Albert’, ‘Albert’ echoing round ER.

George Meek 200

George Meek
Aug 1952 - Aug 1960
200 appearances
19 goals

Jabba says: "Scottish winger who proved to be equally good on either side of the park. Signed from Hamilton at the age of 18, he spent a season at Leeds before moving to Walsall on loan for the duration of his National Service. Was a fairly peripheral figure when Leeds won promotion back to Division 1, but was a fixture in the side over the next couple of seasons. After a season at Leicester he returned to Walsall before dropping down to non-league football in the mid-1960s."

Kevin Hird 200

Kevin Hird
Mar 1979 - Aug 1984
200 appearances
21 goals

Jabba says: "Leeds made Jasper the most expensive fullback in the country when he was signed in 1979 - and then used him in midfield most of the time. Opinion on him is a bit divided - either you see him as a 100% bloke who gave everything to the cause, or you see him as a clumsy plodder who had somehow stumbled into the dressing room one day and found himself in the team. I am in the former camp, but he did manage several famous cock-ups that cost Leeds goals but on balance he proved a good buy for the club and we could have done with hanging on to him for his experience rather than letting him go back over the Pennines to Burnley."

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